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Death Note (Desu nôto) Quotes

  • 'L' Ryuzaki: Gathering from Kira's behaviour, he is very immature and hates to loose... just like me.

  • Ryukk The Death God: You you, Light... you're more of a Shinigami than any other Shinigami I ever met.

  • Light Yagami: The law has its limits.
    Shiori Akino: Everything has limits.

  • 'L' Ryuzaki: I am justice.
    Light Yagami: Justice? I am justice! I am the god of the new world, saving it from evil and ridding it of fear. Those who betray God are the evil ones.

  • Light Yagami: Goodbye, Raye Penber.

  • Ryukk The Death God: The person whose name is written in the note will die.

  • Ryukk The Death God: (to Light) "You're a devil in disguise."
    Ryukk The Death God: [to Light] You're a devil in disguise.

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