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½ November 15, 2016
Richard Widmark is the gunfighter marshal everybody is trying to kill. In other words a pessimistic revision of High Noon.
October 13, 2012
I Liked Some Of It Before. And I Liked What I Saw Today.
March 7, 2012
I've got a bad habit of losing my temper

A town informs their long time, old school sheriff that they have decided to modernize and his services are no longer required. The sheriff feels that there's something fishy going on for him to be mysteriously let go; however, he now has time to settle down and raise a family. Will the sheriff go quietly into the night or will he try to uncover the rationale for the town's decision?

"I am not keeping you from anything important, Frank, like crawling under my sheets with my wife am I?"

Donald Siegel, director of Escape from Alcatraz, Dirty Harry, Two Mules for Sister Sarah, The Beguiled, No Time for Flowers, and The Verdict, delivers Death of a Gunfighter. The storyline for this picture was interesting with a unique spin on a common premise. The action scenes were average and the acting was okay. The cast includes Richard Widmark, Lena Horne, Carroll O'Connor, and Jacqueline Scott.

"You're a bad liar. If you want to succeed in this world, you've got to be a good liar."

My wife DVR'd this film due to its plot and our love affair with westerns. The premise was solid but the film was a bit stale. The execution did not live up to the film's potential and Widmark didn't have the charisma of a Clint Eastwood or Lee Van Cleef. Overall, this is above average but nothing special.

"What's the price of your cheapest funeral?"

Grade: C+
December 23, 2011
The strange hybrid of directing styles is the only aspect of this otherwise routine Western that holds any real interest.
April 17, 2011
The theme mirrors other films of the time in representing the death of the western, and whilst Widmark's character is not lovable, he commands a lot of sympathy, especially for the era that is passing.
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