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July 10, 2011
This movie looked promising when I saw the box, but by all that is holy, this movie can't get anything right. Making a horror based on the bible and satanic rituals isn't that hard and there is enough material to work with, but it seems like they didn't even do any research. My favorite is when they quote, so I took mine out to look it up and they just made stuff up as they went along. The movie is also nowhere near scary and it's more of an unintentional comedy
May 14, 2010
The real shining star of this movie is actress Natasha Blasick. She's so beautiful but a little freaky for reasons that become clear as the plot unfolds. She's caught up in a crazy family situation that calls to mind movies like DaVince Code and Rosemary's Baby. To be honest it can't compete production wise with big budget Hollywood movies; there's a hilarious moment where a bad guy puts on a pig's head and looks stupid. He must be proud But there's real issues that are dealt with, stuff that's really happening and never gets reported except in rare cases like that german guy who kept his daughter locked in his basement.

For the subject matter and especially for the arrival of Natasha Blasick, who I hope to see more of, Death Of Evil gets my thumbs up.
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