Death Takes a Holiday Reviews

May 17, 2019
Fredric March plays Death as if he thought he might possibly be Dracula; and he intones all his words with an awesome, old-Shakespearian-actor solemnity. Evelyn Venable is contrastingly starry-eyed and vernal as his love.
June 14, 2007
A lofty but transfixing allegory, the film remains captivating because its central plot device is so different from most movies, then or now.
June 13, 2007 a house guest that can't be gotten rid of
December 27, 2005
In this wearisome and predictable plot line, Death falls in love and bores us to death talking about it.
June 23, 2005
March 16, 2004
August 21, 2003
Mitchell Leisen's surprisingly complex (especially with its brief 79 minute running time) film has proven itself immune to both time and remakes.