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Paul Kersey's (Charles Bronson) self-appointed one-man vigilante squad goes bi-coastal in Michael Winner's sequel to his Death Wish. Kersey has taken up residence in Los Angeles, but lunatic violence follows him across the country like toilet paper sticking to his shoe. Kersey's Spanish cook is immediately gang-banged and killed, while his daughter, still suffering from a catatonic stupor after her brutal rape in the first film, finds herself raped yet again. Vincent Gardenia as New York detective Frank Ochoa, reprises his role from the first film here -- traveling to Los Angeles to locate Kersey but finding death waiting for him off a LA freeway ramp. After all this mayhem, Kersey cannot cringe in hiding for long, and once again he loads up his tube socks with rolls of quarters and goes hoodlum hunting.

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Charles Bronson
as Paul Kersey
Jill Ireland
as Geri Nichols
Vincent Gardenia
as Det. Frank Ochoa
J.D. Cannon
as New York D.A.
Anthony Franciosa
as LA Police Commissioner
Ben Frank
as Lt. Mankiewicz
Robin Sherwood
as Carol Kersey
Robert F. Lyons
as Fred McKenzie
Michael Prince
as Elliott Cass
Drew Snyder
as Deputy Commissioner Hawkins
Paul Lambert
as NYC Police Commissioner
Kevin Howard
as Stomper
Frank Campanella
as Judge Neil A. Lake
Paul Comi
as Senator McLean
Hugh Warden
as Minister
Jim Begg
as Tourist
Melody Santangello
as Tourist's Wife
Robert Sniveley
as Dr. Gofeld
Don Moss
as Cabbie
Robert Snively
as Dr. Gofeld
Charles Cyphers
as Donald Kay
Peter Pan
as Chinese Landlord
James Galante
as Tim Shaw
Young Buck
as Charles Pearce
Karsen Lee Gould
as Nirvana's Girl #1
Leslie Graves
as Nirvana's Girl #2
Teresa Baxter
as Nurse #1
Cindy Daly
as Nurse #2
Susannah Darrow
as Nurse on Bus
Henry Capps
as Policeman #1
Joshua Gallegos
as Policeman #2
Paul McCallum
as Ambulance Man
Roberta Collins
as Woman at Party
Diane Markoff
as Prostitute
Cynthia Burr
as Secretary to D.A.
Ezekiel Moss
as Thug #2
Ranson Walrod
as Boat Captain
Gary Boyle
as Man in TV Soap Opera
Ava Lazar
as Girl in TV Soap Opera
Fred Saxon
as Newscaster
Lesa Weis
as Diner
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Audience Reviews for Death Wish II

  • Aug 09, 2012
    First sequel to the classic revenge action drama Death Wish is a step up in violence and action. Although not as great as the first, this film still manages to be thrilling from start to finish. After the events of the first film, Paul Kersey has moved to Los Angeles to restart a new life. Unfortunately he has to deal with the same situation again when hooligans break into his home rape his housekeeper and kidnap his daughter. He decides to clean up the streets again, and hunt down the hooligans who broke into his home. As a sequel, this film definitely is very good. It's definitely darker than the first film, more violent. Charles Bronson definitely shines here, and the film has plenty of action packed moments to keep you interested. The cast do a fine job in their performances, and as a whole, I personally feel that this is a fine sequel to a great film. Although it's not as memorable as the first film, this is still a must see and is good entertainment for action fans. I think as far as sequels are concerned, this among the better entries in the series, and is my personal favorite in this series. The plot is almost the same as the first, but who cares, Death Wish 2 is good fun from start to finish and if you're looking for a good action film to watch, then look no further than this film. Fans of the first will most likely enjoy this one as well, and it has something to appeal to every action buff. If you love Charles Bronson, you'll most likely love this film. A very well crafted follow-up to the first Death Wish, this one may be a bit more violent, but that shouldn't discourage fans of the first film.
    Alex r Super Reviewer
  • Mar 04, 2012
    Really stupid. I mean, it's still pretty entertaining, but it's just so dumb. I mean, implausibly dumb. But then again, how much can you really expect out a film from a series called Death Wish?
    Stephen S Super Reviewer
  • Mar 03, 2012
    A pretty good sequel, now set in L.a after being told to get out of Newyork in the first. the set up is coincidence to get it going but the tone certainly fits in with the first, from there a great pace gets it going as he focuses on the gang that rapes his housekeepere vthen kills his kid. some great violence setting tone and Bronson has some presence
    scott g Super Reviewer
  • Jun 26, 2009
    <i>Charles Bronson: Do you believe in Jesus? Punk: (nervously) Yeah, yeah Charles Bronson: Well, you're going to meet him (Shots fire from Bronson's gun)</i> <div align="justify"><p><b>Awesome Movie, after somany years I thought to grab in some of my Husbands Movie collection and found some very interesting Movies like these. After many years I had watch it I totally forgot how brutal this Movie is. Charles Bronson was great Actor. Too Bad he was underated after the "Western Era" not many Folks gave his Movie nor him the attention he deserved. Rather than Clint Eastwood, Charles Bronson will stay on my "Bad Ass Legends list" No.1 . Husband said the Part 1,3 and 4 were even Brutal. I think I ll watch Part 3 someday.
    Lilo C Super Reviewer

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