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Decalogue Vol. 1 - Parts I & II Reviews

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½ June 18, 2012
episode one deserves a 5 star, the ending will blow you away! you will never forget this.
October 6, 2009
the first episode was chilling, moving, and disturbing. a father with a genius son, puts his faith in the infallibility of computers and logic. the son, is exploring the deeper meaning of life. a twilight zone like thing happens to the family computer; it turns itself on and begins communicating with father and son. a man at the edge of the skating pond, like an angelic messenger, stares with sad eyes at the tragic end which comes. part I is awesome, II good but not memorable.
June 10, 2005
Antoine Doinel: Antoine et Collette is the one I watched here (I've seen the rest except Bed and Board by this time).
Decalogue: The first episode. It felt quite religiously biased, but I will hold any further judgment until I see the rest.
Potemkin: Very outdated and politically biased.
November 12, 2003
I'd like to rate it higher, but the second episode didn't do much for me.

The first however was very good.
[I]It may seem slow near the beginning, but that's just to garner connections for a very moving, emotional, and ultimately sad pay-off. The film accelerates it's subject matter ("thou shalt have no other gods before thine") with such a touching and warming grace that the end is almost unexpected, yet entirely, the pieces are given with such a subtle pace so that it wouldn't be so unexpected, on the contrary, it should be predictable.[/I]
It just wok on so many levels, Keislowski knows when and where to pull the right strings.

The second, although...
I appreciated it thematically, but alot of it's attempts seemed lost on me, they were either too subtle (which came across as being vague) or they were too minimalist. Simply it is about a doctor who has an extreme power of a women's choices (involving the death of another human being), thus he is able to play god. Keislowski was a bit more ordinary with his cinematography and seemed as if he wanted to concentrate more on the performances. Yet most the time many of the scenes would run too long a la dramatic pauses. It had a redeeming ending, and it's message became clearer, yet I didn't feel as if it were a good pay-off for the establishment of it was, as I said before, lost on me because it was too drawn out. It left much more to be desired.
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