The Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years Reviews

October 10, 2018
Spheeris has a keen eye for absurdity and her interviews with older, wiser rockers underline the fact that you can't put an old head on young shoulders.
November 9, 2017
[The Sequel] focuses on the kind of extravagance that the kids in the first film were rebelling against, at least insofar as it manifested itself in stadium-ready rock 'n' roll and its brand-new baby brother,
October 23, 2009
There's so little respect for the music that we never see or hear a number from beginning to end, and we rarely hear any of the musicians speak more than a few seconds at a time.
October 23, 2009
For all the amusingly fatuous remarks heard here -- and Miss Spheeris has a great ear for these -- the overriding dimness of most of the fans and musicians is frightening.
Top Critic
October 23, 2009
Rather like watching a car wreck on the opposite side of a motorway.