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July 4, 2018
A cautionary tale for any person who is considering turning their spiritual proclivities and talents into a money making and fame generating venture. On top of that, the corrupting toll adoration of fans and social media addiction takes on even the purest of souls. This documentary makes it painfully obvious how important it is for a guru to teach without pecuniary gain, to heal and touch lives without egoic aims, and to live as an example of physical, psychological and spiritual health. Unfortunately for Deepak, he is not an example of a higher self, but the opposite - a man with a poor diet, poor personal relationships, and poor exercise habits, all culminating into walking sadness, stress, delusion, and addiction satiating behavior patterns. At the moment, no one in the spiritual industry is actually walking the walk, which is what this world needs of a guru. This documentary is a testament to both the absence and need for a selfless and disciplined teacher to walk among us. One thing that's evident is that Deepak's son is awake and intellectually honest. Deepak did a good job as a father.
½ March 31, 2016
Nothing all that enlightening here.
½ February 8, 2016
Fabulous witnessing by a son of his famous, driven father and the relationship that develops in the process of making the movie. It is a story of the challenges of growing up with a driven, talented father who loves his work, has an intense push to produce and needs to use his creativity in spite of his family.
April 1, 2014
good indi hindi movie
October 22, 2013
an interesting character study of both father and son. not much else.
October 22, 2012
8/10...people who saw nothing in this movie, weren't paying attention...and anyone who is no longer buying deepok's books because of this movie were buying them for the wrong reasons in the first place...he is a man, flawed like the rest of us...he is a voice of truths, his being flawed does not change that truth is truth, all truth comes through human is clear he struggles like everyone else with living out the philosophies he subscribes to...gotham does an excellent job not poking fun at his dad, it is not a mean spirited film, but one definitely senses the turmoil still going on inside him with respect to his feelings about his father, what he wished his father was, what he wishes his father to be now...he says he does not grasp completely all these ideas that his father is so vocal about, it is true that we model and love people to new places and ideas, and deepok's behaviors sometimes run counter to his philosophies...there are ways to parent and befriend and encourage children and family and friends to be open to things they do not understand...the language deepok speaks is a language i completely understand, even the much revisited theme of "detachment," but unlike gotham, my children have never felt i wasn't "present," even when i wasn't physically with them, deepok often seems not present as he speaks of presence...deepok has work to do, and i think a film made by gotham may be just the thing to cause some movement in the direction of that work...we took our 3 children, ages 10, 13, and 17...they loved it and it led to great discussion on the drive home from the theater.
½ October 21, 2012
Without a proper and clear opinion this entertaining documentary falls short at making any kind of relevant point.
October 18, 2012
Such a great film. It shows the human side to a guru.
October 16, 2012
Well, Gotham saved me from buying future books by his father -- wow! No ego?
½ October 1, 2012
My dad despised this movie because he hates Deepak Chopra. I think it's enjoyable regardless of what you believe. It's not some advertisement for Chopra's belief system, nor is it an attack on it. It's a story about a son who tried so hard to understand his father and wants to keep trying, but can't quite pick at his brain. Deepak was almost never there for Gotham; he cared more about his image and making rounds than his family. Gotham doesn't want to repeat these mistakes with his son. It's just a very fascinating and well done documentary.
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