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½ July 5, 2015
Decoys is a fun little Canadian scifi horror film that clearly pays homage to some of the classics from Species (yes I'm calling it a classic) to the Alien franchise.
While the film has a tendency to not take itself seriously as lines are delivered with a slight smirk and every scene is filled with overacting... or underacting depending on how you look at it... it's not without merrit. Unfortunately, this lack of seriousness without coming across full blown comedy, tends to hinder rather than enhance the film.
The CG is dated by todays standards but was alright for the time and the story while full of "homage" is an alright watch.
Where the film excels is in the skin department as it is full of beautiful young actors including including Kim Poirier who stars in her first feature film to get a theatrical release and later went on to star in the likes of Dawn of the Dead and Paradise Falls, Stefanie von Pfetten who has since played the role of Demeter in Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief, and Corey Sevier who eventually starred in... Osombie. Heck it even had a small role starring Nicole Eggert which was unexpected (and had a weird pointless side storyline that was never truly explored).
The film did spawn a sequel with a few of the cast returning.
Decoys isn't a great film but it is fun and sultry and while not great, is far from bad. Worth checking out on a cold and lonely night, sitting next to the one you love... just make sure they have a navel.
½ August 24, 2013
It pretty much is a SPECIES rip off, but I actually didn't mind it. These women are trying to have babies, but they don't want to kill the guys, they just have perfected it yet.

Far as I could tell, the female had to have a good amount of foreplay and then during sex, would lay eggs in a guy's belly. Sadly, most times they would freeze the guy from the inside out.

I actually found myself hating the lead guy in the end when he goes on a witch hunt, only knowing they have killed people...not yet knowing the truth.

Kim Poirier & Stefanie von Pfetten are beyond adorable as the two main Aliens. And yeah, they show the skin of the movie in some weird opening scene.

Sadly, I felt the big names of Eggert and Burgi were wasted, only getting a few scenes each.

The effects weren't amazing, but as is I felt they got the job done. The designs for them were quite nice.

I did see the ending coming from a mile away. Not sure why, but as soon as I saw that character, I just knew. I actually want to now find a copy of the second film.
April 21, 2013
Aliens amongs the living
January 16, 2013
an okay horror sci fi film! good in some parts!!
December 29, 2012
Chilly! Bring a coat .. This Alien movie might give u frostbite! Funny Canadian movie with a twist!!
December 22, 2012
Jajajajajajajaja, graciosa y entretenida, de miedo nada xD.
December 7, 2012
Looks interesting will try to find and watch!
September 26, 2012
Hot chicks, funny lines, and drinking. What's not to like?
July 8, 2012
it's a pretty fun indie horror flick
Im really shocked that they put in some emotional weight in a made-for-TV movie, they play certain music and make one death especially heartbreaking
there's no gore sadly but for guys plenty of hot alien women hoping to save their race from extinction by elimation
the creatures themselves don't look that bad but the CG in certain scenes is very underused, but that's what's part of a movie of this kind
there's good acting and bad acting, also some random hallucination scares that will make you jump
this is another one of those indie horror movies that is actually stepping up and not being bad on purpose
sure you won't remember it after viewing it, but it's still worth and hr and a half
½ May 19, 2012
This movie makes me embarrassed to be Canadian. Story is stupid and predictable, the lead throws the most ridiculous one liners at us and his acting skills make Haden Cristensens look half decent.
November 9, 2011
Freaky movie...Let's have sex where upon if you're not compatible, you turn into a human popcicle...Can you say ridiculous"
½ November 3, 2011
ummmmmmmmm it was an alien porno? lol
½ June 30, 2011
This a good movie but it needed more action.
March 26, 2011
So dumb, was asked to watch this from my bf....
January 2, 2011
Nazalost, Decoys mi se mnogo manje svidio na drugo gledanje nego na prvo :-( Pocetak je odlican, ali kako film odmice, umjesto da ima sve vise i vise humora, radnja iz nekog razloga postaje sve ozbiljnija (?!). Kad gledam srcedrapajucu scenu u kojoj u pozadini gude tugaljive violine dok neki debeli lik sto lici na Elijaha Wooda i plavusa vanzemaljka sa pipcima lamentuju nad svojom ukletom ljubavlju (ili ljubavi?), odma mi ne bude dobro. U sustini, ovo jeste dosta solidna obrada motiva popularnih u osamdesetima, ali ni blizu uspjesna kao Rodrigezov Faculty, koji je sigurno bio i jedna od direktnih inspiracija za ovaj film - eto npr. glavni lik je pljunuti Josh Hartnett. Ima i dosta dobrog humora, e jedini problem pravi tih nekoliko debilnih scena koje je trebalo mnogo bolje rijesiti i okrenuti na zezanciju.
December 13, 2010
Campy, comedic horror. I hope this is supposed to be a spoof of the genre. If not...oh boy.
November 18, 2010
November 13th 2010....
October 14, 2010
Actually not half bad for a cheapo horror film.
August 24, 2010
A pesar de tener alguna que otra reminiscencia con el cine cárnico de cronemberg, el terror canadiense ha cambiado mucho desde "vinieron de dentro de...". Decoys es una insolita mezcla entre "Species", "mi novia es una extraterrestre" y "porky's 2, la revelion de los novatos". Y no digo mas... sacad vuestras propias conclusiones...
July 28, 2010
A crappy horror flick.
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