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July 14, 2007
February 13, 2003
Its overall attempts at re-igniting the unsettling ambience of old-fashioned film noir are let down by a potholed plot and poor characterisation.
April 9, 2002
...insofar as creating any kind of realism or credibility is concerned...the movie goes quickly off the deep end.
January 6, 2002
Top Critic
November 19, 2001
A rather dull movie, weighed down by its pretensions.
November 12, 2001
October 31, 2001
[Swinton's] is a character with little modulation, despite the many twists and turns of plot in this would-be Hitchcockian thriller.
October 11, 2001
The quiet force of Swinton's performance cannot bridge the ever-increasing disconnect between the film and the audience.
September 20, 2001
Real conflict in a serious drama need not involve cash.
September 11, 2001
One of the noblest failures that I've had the mixed pleasure of seeing this year.
August 27, 2001
The film ultimately fails, either because the premise is too absurd, or the execution isn't absurd enough.
August 27, 2001
Not to say that The Deep End is a bad film, exactly, rather it's a forgettable one that is remarkable only for its almost complete lack of distinction.
August 21, 2001
Somehow The Deep End feels slightly... off.
August 20, 2001
Has a cool, glassy appeal -- but then, so does a fish tank.
August 20, 2001
August 15, 2001
Its self-awareness is never less than jarring -- trash too high-minded to come out and indulge itself.
August 14, 2001
If it weren't for the recurring common sense loopholes...there would be little to distract from the chilling tingle The Deep End emits.
August 8, 2001
Taken out of that very specific social context and updated for contemporary audiences, the retrograde story runs into problems. Margaret's character is still written as if there were still a war on and single motherhood was brand new...
August 8, 2001
Despite a couple of interesting twists and an excellent lead performance, their potentially interesting story is eventually undermined by too many holes and inconsistencies.
August 1, 2001
A mercilessly incompetent thriller that's easily as soulless (and brainless) as Tomb Raider or Planet of the Apes or Jurassic Park III.
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