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Stephen Somers wrote and directed this $50 million science-fiction action-thriller. Set in the South China Sea, the story has been described as a cross between The Poseidon Adventure, Alien, and Die Hard. On the maiden voyage of the luxury liner Argonautica, pickpocket Trillian (Famke Janssen) is caught stealing jewels and locked up. After the ship's communication system is infected with a virus, the ship collides with a massive underwater object. When John Finnegan (Treat Williams) and others board the Argonautica, they are surrounded by death. Survivors Trillian, builder Simon Canton (Anthony Heald), and others talk of sea monsters, but Hanover (Wes Studi) doesn't believe them -- until the fanged, squid-like creature (designed by Rob Bottin) extends its huge tentacles and makes its presence known to all. Filmed in Vancouver and the northern Pacific under the working title Tentacles.


Treat Williams
as John Finnegan
Famke Janssen
as Trillian
Anthony Heald
as Simon Canton
Kevin J. O'Connor
as Joey Pantucci
Wes Studi
as Hanover
Derrick O'Connor
as The Captain
Jason Flemyng
as Mulligan
Cliff Curtis
as Mamooli
Trevor Goddard
as T-Ray Jones
Una Damon
as Leila
Warren Takeuchi
as Radar Man
Linden Banks
as Communications Officer
Jack Anker
as Corpse
as Video Vault Woman
Leanne Adachi
as Toilet Lady
Colin McCarlie
as Sonar Man
Jim May
as Mystery Man
Jana Sommers
as Party Girl
Marti Baldecchi
as Party Girl
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  • Jul 22, 2018
    An embarrassing mess. Janssen and Williams have anti-chemistry. The more the script demands that they fall for each other, the less believable their interactions become.
    Alec B Super Reviewer
  • Jan 05, 2013
    Monster mayhem which is a lot of fun. It was initially frowned upon during its release like most of sommers films. Yes it is an aliens clone but who really cares, at least it isn't a remake. The film takes the guys with guns and creates an intriguing concept. The cast is full of recognisable international stars and sure the script is a little light on background but at least they seem to be having fun. Treat Williams was quite good in a very rare lead role. Stephen sommers is a great story creator but he can't write dialogue. The lines are so badly written its delivered with cheese. The action is relentless and its good to see a monster movie that studios allowed a horror rating hire then the usual teen. Good if you are a horror buff but don't expect your friends to like the film as much as you
    Brendan N Super Reviewer
  • May 06, 2011
    Excellent monster mash and over the top riot of sea faring proportions which borrows from afew films but keep its tongue firmly in its cheek as a no bars hold B-movie. The way the plot unravels is much like 'Aliens' with a mish mash crew of cut throat mercs and civilians being surprised and taken down one by one by an unexplained sea beastie, the casting is unique and perfect for the posse of renegades who each have their own quirks and style which, again, does remind you of the classic marines from 'Aliens'. Its a very silly and obvious layout but Sommers doesn't try to hide this fact and goes all out with nice scares and some nasty gut churning makeup and cgi for the victims. The cgi does now look pretty dated and there is some really nasty blue screen effects but at the time this felt so good and really impressed, I saw the film on release at the cinema back in 1998 and I enjoyed then as I do now. Your typical popcorn flick with nothing to worry about in terms of depth, probably one of the best ensemble casts for awhile in a B-movie and a really terrific creature all add to a fun time. The text at the start gets you thinking about the deep for real and the ending is great stuff haha why no sequel??
    Phil H Super Reviewer
  • Apr 11, 2011
    Slime from the endless abyss (this time with teeth, ouch!) arises from the depths and must be stopped! Who among our plucky tongue-in-mercenary-cheek cast will survive this Poseidon Adventure meets Predator marriage made in hell?!? Fun goo to step into.
    Kevin M. W Super Reviewer

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