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½ March 24, 2010
Some parts of the movie are a bit boring to watch but the terrific acting, the spectacular directing and the amazing imagery makes this movie incredibly worthwhile despite the slight boring parts.
½ December 18, 2009
This film was just OK. I thought it was alternately confusing and implausible. The basic story idea was a good one. We have an ancient Viking curse that calls for the tragic death of one of a pair of young lovers. Later in time, another tragic story of doomed lovers is played out in contrast/comparison to the first. I thought Lynn Redgrave is very good here as a grumpy story teller w/ a story of young love lost. Kirsten Dunst is also very good here. The movie unfolds going back and forth in time between the 2 tragic stories of love lost. I thought this technique was effective and well done. The scenery was beautiful and well shot.

The stories began to drag a bit after the first hour or so. In the first story, as a child, the Silly character goes into the water to learn to swim. She takes to it like a fish. She smiles and swims w/ open eyes under water. She sees a mysterious clump of seaweed w/ glowing green bubbles. She emerges from the sea w/ changed eye colour. The village is convinced that she, ?is the chosen one?. But, chosen for what?? She is warned by her mother to never go into the water. Later, as a young woman, she falls in love. The relationship is forbidden. They flee in a boat. The young man, a sailor, jumps into the sea. He dives under the boat and emerges on the other side. Silly (K Dunst) , loses a valued string of pearls; the young man easily dives and retrieves the pearls. A storm comes up immediately. Silly asks him to return to the boat. He says he cannot. Why not?? He is only a few yards away. He is a skilled swimmer. It does not make any sense.

The current time story of doomed lovers does not reveal the cause of death until near the films end. We see a little bit of the lovers relationship but not enough to appreciate their relationship. So its hard to feel the loss.

The only way to enjoy this movie is as a fairy tale. You can go with the visual and emotional feel of the film.

You need to ignore the troublesome plot points. It seems almost all films require some forgiving of awkward plot features. But, the fewer, the better.

Its interesting to note that this film does not have a theatrical release date. Seems it must have gone straight to TV or DVD.
½ December 4, 2009
Being from Cape Breton this movie really hits home with its Maritime/sea theme - and along with the tragic storyline - and rich storytelling (also a big part of my culture) - I fell in love...

The story is about two women who share a loss - the girl the loss of her boyfriend to a motorcycle accident - the elder woman the loss of her lover many decades prior. The girl comes to the island with her mother to "heal" from the trama she's suffered (I believe they were both in the accident - but its been a while since I watched this one) and she meets an elderly neighbour who is able to "get through to her" through the telling of a story that seems more of a fairytale/legend about the island they are on and its terrible "curse" linked to its Maritime lore.

I found this story to be very moving and very beautiful. The acting was good overall fairly - Kirsten Dunst is in this one - but her acting is a bit pre-mature (but ok) - I'd recommend you watch this one and form your own opinions... its a bit of a hidden gem for me...
November 30, 2009
"All of life is salt water ... tears, sweat and the sea"

Claire McKay comes to the island after the tragic death of her boyfriend and finds comfort in the storytelling of an old woman about the curse of the island.

A tragic but romantic story of two women trying to move past their grief. Kirsten Dunst's acting was awful but the story was beautiful and very poetic. I love stories about small fishing towns. Something about them is so captivating and they always makes wonderful settings for stories.
November 5, 2009
seems incredibly boring if i wanted a nap i would watch paint dry
July 29, 2009
Didn't like this one that much either!
July 7, 2009
My god, Kirsten Dunst's accent was HORRIBLE.
July 5, 2009
An excellent script and superb acting from Kirsten Dunst make this a great movie.
½ June 25, 2009
i found this to be a nice little love story. i mean all movies arent supposed to be the best
June 23, 2009
This looks like a very good movie
June 13, 2009
Not a fan of Kirsten Dunst. But she worked it, here.
June 7, 2009
I wouldn't have seen this film if Hulu was not involved, but it was a lovely way to pass a late Sunday evening. If you enjoy mythology and a classic, unrequited love story, this is your ticket. Sure, the acting was tinged with melodrama and accents that weren't on target, but the layering hooked you and kept you viewing. I wouldn't drop money for the DVD, but this is certainly worth a viewing.
June 2, 2009
It's definatly at least interesting. It's not entirely artsy fartsy but it's close with all the flashback and montage scenes. It's not something to watch all the time, but at least it wasn't a complete waste of my time.
May 30, 2009
Very good love story!
½ May 27, 2009
heart felt story, I cried throughout this story. I really liked it.
May 9, 2009
A superb movie with a lot of emotional trauma for a young girl. I enjoyed it.
½ May 8, 2009
Well done with meaning. Learn to love again.
5-8-09 Great Movie Very Deep
Jane from NYC
May 5, 2009
It's definatly at least interesting. It's not entirely artsy fartsy but it's close with all the flashback and montage scenes. It's not something to watch all the time, but at least it wasn't a complete waste of my time.
March 29, 2009
LOVE this movie. Can't seem to find it anywhere to purchase or download however :S...
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