The Deer Hunter Reviews

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February 27, 2019
Stark and haunting, and still unbearable to watch at times, The Deer Hunter remains a powerful movie experience.
December 18, 2018
To my mind, The Deer Hunter is a major achievement in American movies. And I fervently hope that the American public won't vote me wrong.
December 16, 2018
The Deer Hunter is a work of staggering scope and ambition: an epic treatise on the malignancy running through American civilian and political life in the 1970s.
October 8, 2018
While it's fair to argue that The Deer Hunter contains moments of brilliance, the film as a whole is undone by its length.
December 5, 2016
Just crazy enough to capture something of the madness of Vietnam, domesticated enough that it's mostly something concrete that you put your arms around.
October 19, 2016
Epic war drama is extremely intense and graphically violent.
February 17, 2016
The performances are unforgettable, particularly by Christopher Walken as the dreamy, masochistic, Russian-looking Nick.
March 2, 2015
The movie won five Oscars and, if anything, improves with age.
March 2, 2015
The Deer Hunter is a rich and powerful picture that without a trace of patronisation or the slightest touch of cultural superiority, speaks eloquently for the inarticulate.
March 2, 2015
It has no more moral intelligence than the Clint Eastwood action pictures, yet it's an astonishing piece of work, an uneasy mixture of violent pulp and grandiosity, with an enraptured view of common life -- poetry of the commonplace.
February 18, 2015
In trying to measure the devastating impact of Vietnam on the lives of three American soldiers, Cimino brings home the true horror of that senseless conflict in a way that the 6 O'Clock News never could.
August 1, 2014
A powerful film made with impressive style, and one of the key films of the decade.
July 31, 2014
Michael Cimino's Oscar-winning epic The Deer Hunter brought the emotional, homefront legacy of the Vietnam War vividly to life for audiences around the world.
July 31, 2014
The idea of sacrifice permeates everything, along with the cruelty and horror. This is Cimino's masterpiece.
July 31, 2014
Heart-on-sleeve stuff that works despite some of its more egregious impulses.
July 31, 2014
Impressively, Cimino manages to fluctuate involvingly between cynicism and compassion in what feels like a three hour cinematic ache.
July 31, 2014
Art is long, we Cimino champions go on hopefully asserting. Life and injustice are short.
July 28, 2014
It's an American tragedy indebted to Russian literature, alive with detail and ritual and embedding viewers in the souls of men, the heart of a community and the spilled guts of a nation.
January 16, 2014
This multi-Oscar winner from Michael Cimino remains one of the finest and most controversial movies about the Vietnam War.
January 16, 2014
Robert De Niro is, once again, explosive in this stunning Vietnam movie.
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