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½ February 2, 2013
The movie was funny, I enjoyed it.
½ January 5, 2013
I was surprised that this was good fun and entertaining... but unsure why the first half is predominately in English, and the second half predominately not.
½ November 20, 2012
Delhi Belly is stunning.!
½ November 12, 2012
Fun enough. No gaping flaws, very few dull moments and a well chosen cast.
October 29, 2012
Entertaining...has its good moments and bad
½ October 20, 2012
Difficult to follow if you're not paying full attention. Kind of like if Bollywood did Snatch.
½ September 27, 2012
A cross between The Hangover and 30 Minutes or Less
September 9, 2012
So funny! Really great movie!
½ September 8, 2012
Goofy, gross, and crazy; it is a well-executed action/comedy
September 1, 2012
i hate you like i love you
August 22, 2012
awesome the diection was awe fabulous
and the simple background with comedy it
August 13, 2012
One of Best Comedies ever in Bollywood. Jokes are fresh and hilarious.
½ July 10, 2012
Fun, entertaining, witty. If you like Guy Ritchie films then you'll like this.
June 13, 2012
Pretty funny and entertaining
½ June 9, 2012
Need more films like this in Bollywood
June 2, 2012
Totally entertaining. Very funny, in English, but with subtitles to cover accents.
½ May 16, 2012
very good production values, great writing and was actually quite darn funny! quite radical too, to have cast poorna jagannathan as sunita, the epitome of the anti-bollywood heroine. what a pleasant surprise, haven't caught a piece of good indian cinema (a comedy at that) for a long while. now this is entertainment.
May 12, 2012
Nasty & Hillarious : )
Super Reviewer
May 12, 2012
I thought this was quite an enjoyable movie and, again, another positive Bollywood experience, that's now THREE. There's two musical numbers and one is a character day dreaming (and it's actually pretty damn funny) and the other one, while during the credits, did nothing for me. So, really, no problems on that end. The problems I have is that, and this is speculation on my front, the feeling that you're supposed to gain from this movie is that these characters went on this insane and unforgettable journey. Sort of like The Hangover. But a lot of the situations, to me, felt completely contrived and forced. They were presented as being insane but it never felt like it and that's really the main problem of the movie. It should've felt far more natural than it did. And another thing, 85% of the dialogue is in English, despite taking place in a foreign country and, normally, I'd have a problem with that but in this movie it wasn't bad at all. I saw a movie that took place in a small Romanian (Strigoi) and EVERYBODY spoke English and it really hurt that movie because of it. That movie came across as minor league because none of the actors could act in English. I didn't blame the actors at all for that, since the movie was British/Romania co-production, but it made the movie look worse than it probably would've been had it been in Romanian. In this movie at LEAST they found people that could speak the language and still be decent actors, despite this movie not depending on it. And I mean it's really harder for me to believe that everyone in a SMALL ROMANIAN VILLAGE (both young and old, the old being far more perplexing than anything else) speaks English than it is for the 4 main characters to speak the language when everyone else around them speaks Hindi. The latter is definitely far easier for me to believe than the former. So anyway yea a movie that tries too hard at times but it's still an entertaining film.
May 8, 2012
Probably one of the funniest Bollywood movies though I didn't buy the romantic aspect of it.
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