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May 1, 2010
A danish movie that started out as a drama but slowly evolved into horror.
A man accidentaly kills an old woman with his truck, flees the scene and tries to cover it up, which leads to dire consequences. All in all a very good suspenseful movie but not without it's flaws. The character development seems a bit uneven with surprisingly little information about the main character. I still highly recommended it though!
½ April 14, 2010
A real tour de force by Ole Bornedal who makes a political 'Straw Dogs' for this era, with a great bunch of unknown actors, stunning photography and and a mesmerizing soundtrack. There's someting rotten in the state of Denmark.
½ April 12, 2010
A real tour de force by Ole Bornedal who makes a political 'Straw Dogs' for this era, with a great bunch of unknown actors, stunning photography and and a mesmerizing soundtrack. There's someting rotten in the state of Denmark.
April 7, 2010
Bole Ornedal as iLike 2 call him has made a strange movie. It's starts off pretty uninteresting but the last ½ hour is "how to survive" gold. I won't give away the story but mention some of the actors. Jens Andersen who played Polle in a previous life, though delivering a good performance, is seriuosly annoying in this movie and all I wanna do is deck him..what an idiot he plays. Lasse Rimmer is awesome, I did not think he would be but he hauls ass big time. Lene Nystrøm is really gorgeous. That's it for now ....
March 7, 2010
Cinema Fantástico - Fantas 2010
February 28, 2010
Exceptionally awful vigilante melodrama misfires on almost all accounts, from the truly embarrassing dialogue and stereotyped characters to Bornedal's awkward direction. As the leads, stand-up comedian Rimmer and Aqua singer Nystrom acquit themselves reasonably, under the circumstances, and Jens Andersen offers an interesting dark twist to his comedy character "Polle", but film is little more than a pretentious rip-off of Sam Peckinpah's STRAW DOGS, hitting all the false notes on the way to its violent conclusion. Dan Laustsen's stylish cinematography is one of film's few virtues.
½ February 2, 2010
Uden tvivl n af de mest uhyggelige film jeg nogensinde har set.
Without a daubt one af the most scary movies I've ever seen.
January 30, 2010
I love Danish films!
December 29, 2009
Helt ok film. Danskarna kan.
December 27, 2009
The successful lawyer Johannes (Lasse Rimmer) returns to his hometown with his wife Pernille (Lene Nystrom) and their kids. The idea is to settle down and Johannes feel good about going back to his roots. His brother Lars (Jens Andersen) still lives in their hometown and works as a truckdriver. Lars struggles with his bad temper and his drunken lifestyle. The town suffers from a large scale xenophobia and the local refugee Alain is often the target. Johannes dont care about this and hires Alain to help him renovate his house. On a hot summerday one of the local women is runned down by Lars and his truck while he is intoxicated. This event leads to consequences Johannes couldnt imagine...

This is a quite intense and dramatic story. As always in terms of danish movies, we get to see some high class acting from all involved. "Fri os fra det onde" has good direction, its nicely shot and as said intense. The story brings out the classic xenophobia topic and the story could have been set anywhere really. My only critique is the ending. I wanted something more logic and understandable. Something less fairytalish.
½ December 4, 2009
The newest Ole Bornedal film is a continued exploration of styles, themes and content not normally associated with Danish cinema. Following the awesome meta-film noir "Just Another Love Story" and the great children's horror/sci-fi "The Substitute", "Deliver Us from Evil" is like no Scandinavian film you've ever seen before. Not to say that this is a wholly original work of art, it's not, however, the combination of all the elements makes it unique as a Danish movie.

In the story, not too dissimilar to Straw dogs, we're in hillbilly territory, where one man tries to do the right thing and has to defend himself and his family against outsiders. Everyone accept the main family acts extremely over the top in a wonderful dramatic way but still strangely rooted in Danish society. You are in disbelief but still you feel that these obnoxious, unpleasant characters could be quite real.

The cinematography by Danish legend Dan Lausten is nothing short of brilliant and all actors shine, even though most of them are cast against type or comes from different backgrounds than movies. "Deliver Us from Evil" is so well made on all accounts that it can only be described as a Danish masterpiece. It wouldn't necessarily be a masterpiece had it been made in the US, but perfecting the western genre, flirting with horror, making social comments, all grounded in a Danish setting with thrills and kills, this is as good as it's going to get. And Ole Bornedal, once the great talent, has through recent years, enriched Danish film more than anyone, except maybe Von Trier.
November 7, 2009
Har sagt det foer og sier det igjen, danskene KAN film. Det her var den varme dagen hvor alt gikk galt. Viste ikke at aqua Lena var med, men hun dugde bra...
½ October 30, 2009
Vad fan är det med danskar? Först Antichrist och sedan detta? Men där den förstnämnda är totalt omöjlig att begripa så är denna betydligt lättare att följa. Filmen är mörkare än en kolbox i en mörk källare en kolsvart natt. Ole Bornedal slog igenom med en isande rysaren Nattvakten men jag vet inte om detta kan kallas en ren thriller.
Mot slutet blir eländet i filmen dock så överdrivet att det nästan når komiska höjder.

Filmens handling:
"Johannes, en framgångsrik advokat, har med sin perfekta familj precis flyttat tillbaka till den lilla ort han växte upp i. Där har hans allmänt misslyckade bror Lars, som kör lastbil fram och tillbaka till kontinenten för chefen Ingvar, blivit kvar. På tivolit firar man jubileum men när ett dödsfall inträffar drabbar mardrömmen den lilla staden."
October 17, 2009
a bit more violent that I thought it would be
October 15, 2009
Smart, funny, scary and very well told.
October 14, 2009
Jag har stark kritik mot denna film som jag skulle kunna sprida över alla dess aspekter. Men då skulle jag behöva mer än denna textruta för att få ut allt i text. Nu i efterhand är jag dock inte lika arg över den bittra eftersmaken jag hade från biobesöket, ändå finner jag det svårt att ge denna film ett högre betyg.
½ October 12, 2009
Well hell-oh inferno. A nice little piece of feel bad I must say.
October 11, 2009
Ole Bornedal have made an amazing horror/thriller, it's about Johannes who moves back to his hometown with his wife and 2 kids, but this town isn't like the big city, no here there is no moral, if one person starts pointing fingers, the rest will follow, in a good old fashion angry mob. I like this because it's so different from other danish movies, it's a movie you have seen from American directors a lot of times, but it's about time we get this type of movie from a danish director, and Ole Bornedal has greated a masterpiece for some and a shitty movie for others, but it's not a big movie who will win a lot of awards, but it's just great, because it's going over the line, for what you expect in a danish movie. Watch this, and make your own opinion.
½ October 7, 2009
Det krävs en dansk för att göra en så otroligt snygg film - som är så usel. Och fotografen och ljussättaren skall också ha spö för att de jobbade med filmen. USCH!
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