De-Lovely Reviews

June 1, 2007
More imagination than inquiry, this cautiously reverential tale reaches for aesthetic pleasure and emotion over insight.
October 22, 2006
An earnest, well-meant musical biography that never quite has enough time between numbers to delve into the details of Porter's complicated life.
April 17, 2005
March 24, 2005
March 2, 2005
February 2, 2005
A deeply complex and elegant film highlighted by Kline's masterful lead performance...
January 15, 2005
January 15, 2005
January 15, 2005
December 21, 2004
Just as timeless as the music of Cole Porter.
December 8, 2004
November 27, 2004
In the long run, it's Cole Porter's songs that the world will continue to cherish and remember, long after all the movies about the man have been forgotten.