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½ June 4, 2017
Of interest mainly as a record of Tod Slaughter's cackling villain, all subtlety eschewed as he 'polishes off' anyone who happens to cross his path. Anyone expecting Chris Bond or Stephen Sondheim's multi-layered tragic comedy will be hugely disappointed. Not much actual throat slitting or human pies: just a revolving barber's chair and a lot of playing to the back row by Slaughter.
½ October 18, 2015
not bad version of this
September 19, 2015
Tod Slaughter is one again mesmerising this time as The Demon Barber. Lots of menace, humour and a good cast makes this first film adaptation of the famous story a memorable one.
July 19, 2015
This is an annoying movie.. I understand that it's older, but I just hate how clean it is! Sweeney Todd is a sad excuse of a villan, I hate all the characters, just don't watch it, it's stupid
½ September 17, 2014
I give this old gem 3 1/2 stars. The acting was a bit over the top. Tod Slaughter played an excellent bad guy.
½ October 21, 2013
A Dark and Macabre Tale of Greed--Polishing off in style!!
½ September 19, 2012
- nice horror movie!
- it really scares me!! =]
May 21, 2012
Extremely weird movie!!!
April 5, 2012
Here on Flixster there's a side bar on rating pages that give you a thumbs up or down to see if you think a film is similar to another. This is one of the early versions of the newly approached dark musical by Tim Burton. Completely different worlds. I'm sure in its day the audiences reacted with screams and jeers... the modern world has jaded us. We are exposed to SO much more on the daily news, sooooo... NO they are night & day, but it's always a good idea to see where we came from. A reminder of our beginnings.
March 19, 2012
While it's not a musical, it still has a lot of enjoying moments and characters and a good story.
November 17, 2011
Extremely weird movie!!!
April 25, 2011
ooh didnt know this had been done before.
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February 2, 2011
I am hitting a streak of really good old movies here. Sweeney Todd from 1936 is a really fantastic little film. My only experience with Sweeney Todd is Kevin Smith's Jersey Girl and Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd with Johnny Depp. I didn't really care for the Tim Burton version though. This movie is about a barber in England who kills his clients by launching them into his dungeon-like basement. I guess they break their necks or something like that. It is hinted that his victims end up in pies that are baked by his neighboring business partner, but never explicitly displayed. The two seem to be getting away with it until jealousy rears its ugly head and the relationship starts to strain. The movie doesn't do a really good job of establishing a connection between the pie maker lady and ol' Todd, however, you get the point.

The thing that I liked most about this movie would be the way that Tod Slaughter (what a name right?) portrays a really imposing figure as the titular character; he
is like the Leatherface of jolly old England. You don't get to see what he does to his victims but throughout the film you get the idea that he slit's his victims throats. He is always talking about how beautiful his straight razor looks against the victim's neck, its really creepy. Other great performances come from little Johnny Singer and Stella Rho both of whom play their parts to a T.

If you are looking for a musical or fun dance-ish version of Sweeney Todd you are going to have to look elsewhere. This is a straight forward horror movie with no frills and the intro and outro are amazing. The movie has little hangups but in short it ranks right up there with Bride of Frankenstein as being one of the greatest horror movies of the 1930's.

Suggested viewing: Sweeney Todd (2007) - Tim Burton (just watch this one for the storyline)

Rating: 8 of 10

Favorite Quote: "May I polish you off sir?"

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½ September 15, 2010
I saw this on TV, but I only caught the end, which didn't look so great. I'd really like to see the whole movie now, since I am a fan of Tod Slaughter, and he has such an appropriate name for the movie.
January 23, 2010
I love seeing people baked into pies but this was a bit too out there for my taste
January 22, 2010
This doesn't scare... this is a joke!
December 1, 2009
Liked Depp's version
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September 13, 2009
I personally like the remake of this much better. This is kind of weak in that he just takes their money. Making them into meat pies is much better and much more twisted!
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September 4, 2009
It's closer to the original penny dreadful than Stephen Sondheim's musical. As far as I'm concerned, that's a bad thing. Sweeney's a pretty two-dimensional character with pretty shallow motivations in this incarnation, and Tod Slaughter's campy performance doesn't help. Might be worth a look-see for those interested in the character's roots, especially if they're on a tight budget (it's in the public domain). But for those of you who like your Sweeney a little more sympathetic, pass on this one.
½ September 1, 2009
Tod Slaughter did a wonderful job as Sweeney Todd (he was quite creepy and his maniacal laugh was beautifully frightening), but the 1936 film was otherwise quite dull. Not the greatest flick, and not highly recommended.
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