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May 1, 2004
This global thriller seriously plays with your head ... refusing to resolve itself into something clear-cut. But the approach is assured and intelligent.
April 9, 2004
Though film buffs will like the many references, the story takes a back seat to the visuals, and images, no matter how sensational, can only carry a film so far.
March 30, 2004
While Assayas is masterful at creating an eerie mood and has a far-sighted grasp of future shock, he seems to have left orbit while trying to tie up Demonlover's loose ends
February 2, 2004
December 7, 2003
By far one of the most interesting and thoughtful pieces of cinema to savage American cinema screens in ages, and certainly the only incoming French mind-warper with a soundtrack by Sonic Youth.
December 4, 2003
Demonlover is the kind of film that wants to make you feel stupid for not liking it.
November 20, 2003
A stark, unsettling movie, one that grows darker and stranger with every little twist in the plot.
October 31, 2003
It moves like a breezy techno-thriller but tangles itself with duplicities and metaphors. You get it, and then you don't get it, and then you wonder if you even care.
October 24, 2003
demonlover wasn't made to be "liked" in the conventional sense.
October 17, 2003
The movie seems to cannibalize itself and go stupid.
October 10, 2003
The sort of thing for which the term Eurotrash was invented. A cerebral variant of 'feardotcom' might better be called 'merdedotcom.'
October 10, 2003
Many sequences are more about color or energy than conveying any specific information, but the mood the film sets subtly emphasizes the questions it asks about world trade, personal responsibility and corporate greed.
October 10, 2003
It's a jumbled mess and you'd have to tie me up and gag me to make me sit through it again.
October 9, 2003
Demonlover is so incomprehensible that you can't readily accuse it of being anything but almost unwatchable.
October 8, 2003
A tiresome exercise in self-demonization.
October 8, 2003
...perhaps the best cinematic adaptation of a William Gibson novel never written.
October 8, 2003
It's sort of like watching paint dry, except the paint has a Ph.D in comparative media studies.
October 3, 2003
All about modern disconnect -- hardly an original subject -- but the film gets style points, and in-your-face points.
October 3, 2003
I enjoyed it tremendously even as I questioned the sanity of everyone involved.
October 2, 2003
... a brilliant, stunning piece of work, perhaps not Assayas' best, but certainly his most fearless and impassioned.
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