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May 8, 2016
Can't believe that something this bad could've been made, easily one of Akshay Kumar's worst movies in recent times.
½ December 3, 2014
Very funny movie with an interesting story line.
April 27, 2013
A blast! good movie to watch when nothing is around. A good to way to pass the time as the plot is not boring.
½ January 10, 2013
sorry for being so harsh but this is piece of crap.
December 26, 2012
Bollywood's answer to Deuce Bigolow? This is even better! The story is as weak as jelly as the girls' legs at a Desi Boyz's striptease performance but the entertainment is top-notch, what with the catchy songs, over-the-top musical numbers and its cast is eye candy.
September 29, 2012
i must say akshay is always best ever and so deepika.
August 19, 2012
Akshay & John look fab as usual!!
April 30, 2012
Good movie ....good songs .....a new time watch
April 26, 2012
Supposed to be spoofy, slapstick but only kiddish, badly produced, acted and most importantly turns emotional, preachy etc just like the movies of the '80s.
½ April 7, 2012
A good comedy movie.. All the comedy is single handled by akshay kumar himself.. Even title track is good.. Worth a watch
½ March 13, 2012
new concept, fresh out take, seems apparently well to do in the market of the youth at large
½ March 4, 2012
I love this movie. I love the songs too. It is really a movie worth watching. The jokes are funny and I love John and Akshay. I'm happy I watched this movie.
½ February 14, 2012
1/2 for the movie and 1 for Chitrangada
½ February 14, 2012
What a waste of two hours!
½ January 29, 2012
Lack of substance...
January 28, 2012
Watching this movie reminds me that Bollywood still remains immature at it's core. Bollywood cannot resist the temptation of showing every white man to be heartless and without principles. We Indians are the only race who have a heart if you go by Bollywood. For some reason every government position in London is held by Indians - by it social services worker, bosses at places they work or interview at or even the judge. When they have to include white people in scene apparently they either know Hindi or don't mind sitting like fools while everything goes on in Hindi. For some reason the fact that they were escorts is not the main issue for a court of law but that he is a good parent. And if that was not enough, almost every client they have is interested in talking to them and not what escorts are typically paid for. Screenplay notwithstanding I hoped (like a fool) to see some good performances but even veteran actors like Sanjay Dutt are being just ridiculous, you wonder if they are working in a school play or something !
January 26, 2012
not that bad. honestly, I enjoyed it!
January 20, 2012
Didn't expect much from this, however it did look like it would be fun. Which it was at times. However not often enough.
Super Reviewer
½ January 16, 2012
Rohit Dhawan tries to follow the steps of David Dhavan to entertain in his debut film, but Desi Boyz works as good as David's latest offering RASCALS!!! It tries hard to entertain, but falls flat on its face for most of its part. For a comedy, it lacks the cracks that keeps you laughing all the way. Let alone all the way, it hardly has any laughs. The dramatic portions aren't any great either. Anupam Kher and Sanjay Dutt are miserably wasted. It's pitiful to see Chitrangada playing such roles. She simply doesn't fit. I usually like child actors, but the one here sucked due to overacting. Akshay and John are okay, though (which wasn't something I was expecting).
January 10, 2012
Tried a unique angle with the male escort subject - didn't like it. Enjoyed the rest though. Chitrangda Singh did well too..
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