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January 26, 2006
The script galumphs when it should glide.
February 26, 2003
Well, maybe it is a little lumpy for Lubitsch, but I think the film more than holds its own.
March 12, 2013
The "Lubitsch Touch," indeed: edged and between the ribs before you know it's being brandished.
March 15, 2012
It isn't [Lubitsch's] fleetest work, or most sustained, but it has moments of unbridled genius.
February 3, 2012
The dialogue is sharp without seeming too impeccably perfect to be real human speech.
January 7, 2012
Even when Lubitsch filmed a play by Noel Coward, he still made it his own. Design for Living doesn't feel like a celebrated play; it feels like a Lubitsch movie.
December 20, 2011
December 18, 2011
beneath the sublime surface of Lubitsch's best films beats a human heart full of recognizable desires, fears, flaws, and longings, which is precisely what sets his work apart from its sleazier, more mundane counterparts
December 15, 2011
A daring movie that satirizes sexual mores and heaps irony upon irony. If Hollywood tried to remake this movie today, they would probably take the mnage trois set-up and strip away all the depth.
December 5, 2011
Though more of an anomaly than a blueprint, Lubitsch's Design for Living is sexy in ways we're still trying to, ahem, wrap ourselves around.
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