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January 27, 2013
Detour to Terror (Michael O'Herlihy, 1980)

The stupid seventies disaster movie lives on thanks to the wide, wide range of cable channels to be found in even the most basic package these days. This particular piece of silliness is only notable for the presence of O. J. Simpson in a lead role, back towards the beginning of his acting career. As one might expect from the presence of Mr. Simpson, this movie is blissfully awful, but it's awful in a fun, cheesy sort of way.

The plot: three guys hijack a tour bus from Albuquerque, NM, to Las Vegas. Lee (Simpson), the bus driver, rallies the tourists and attempts to stand up to the hijackers.

As is usual with this kind of flick-- especially in its made-for-TV incarnation-- what you will likely wind up doing while watching this dog is thinking about how much more interesting it could have been had the screenwriter actually decided to take any of the obvious detours he could have taken with the plot. (I kept thinking that it would have been really cool had one of the passengers also been planning on hijacking the bus for some other reason.) But, like the majority of seventies made-for-TV disaster flicks, it's stupidly watchable, and you can while away an easy hour and a half if you happen to be lying around the house laid up with an injury or something. It's bottom-of-the-barrel entertainment, but it does what bottom-of-the-barrel entertainment is supposed to do-- entertain. Not one to go out of your way to hunt down, though. **
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