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½ January 1, 2015
No jump scares. Hardly any scares really. Entertaining. The climax is properly disturbing. More of a who-done-it, with a satisfactory ending.
August 10, 2014
It was bad to begin with, then they added the horrible narration and start. An unsophisticated Shutter Island cum Session 9.
February 4, 2014
that ending though! my thoughts and opinions of this film were totally changed -- and i mean just COMPLETELY changed within a fraction of a second. what a hidden gem; i'm so surprised the audience reviews didn't rate this higher. i guess i've seen enough horror flicks that i really appreciate these kind of films versus the same-old-same-old that somehow gets so popular. if you're into psychological horror, i'd recommend this one. it's got a pretty cool monster, too, if that's what you like.
January 4, 2014
This movie would get 5 stars if it weren't for Gant's horrendous acting.
June 25, 2013
An odd illogical film.
½ March 10, 2013
After experiencing his girlfriend's death at the hands of a demonic relic, Nick West is institutionalized for murder. Four years later, he is released into the care of Dr. Willard, who hopes to have Nick confront his fears and reveal the truth behind Sammy's disappearance with the help of his students. What they discover, instead, is the "Devil's Chair" of Nick's nightmares, which serves as a gateway to Hell to anyone who dares touch it. Director Adam Mason defies audience expectations in this chilling tale of demonic possession entitled THE DEVIL'S CHAIR, from 2007. Through Nick's narration, Mason intentionally breaks the fourth wall by addressing the audience directly, mocking their morbid desires with the lure of sex, violence, and gore. What he delivers in their stead is a frightening psychological thriller that places the mystery and suspense of Brad Anderson's SESSION 9 into the context of a traditional monster movie. Mason introduces a unique mythology for the decrepit demon, along with a terrifying new creature design. The suffocating mood of the abandoned asylum makes for the perfect setting, as well. Just as everything seems to be playing out according to the tired old cliches, Mason rips the ground out from underneath us with a shocking twist in the end. Although it certainly raises several questions in terms of logical inconsistencies, it is a welcome change of pace from the usual genre fare. THE DEVIL'S CHAIR comes highly recommended for fans of mind-bending psychological thrillers like SHROOMS or HORROR.

-Carl Manes
I Like Horror Movies
January 9, 2013
This film is just.... NO. Very sick people with a sick plot and cheap visuals.
½ November 15, 2012
hated it, I thought it was crap, I expected better than that and I will not watch this movie again, I thought it it was a crap film, I will never watch this film again even if someone paid me a million pounds
November 9, 2012
sweet movie got to watch
October 31, 2012
This a terribly misguided film. The plots like so, Nick West and his girlfriend go to an abandoned building to take drugs and do various other things. They happen upon an electric chair, at which point something occurs and leads West to be institutionalised. Some time later a doctor at the facility that West is being kept in tells him that he wants to conduct some research. A short time later we find ourselves at the derelict building again with three others in tow. From there things start happening and I'll leave the synopsis at that point.

There is a voice-over that is present at various points throughout. It sounds like a rip off from a British gangster flick like Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Incidentally Andrew Howard, who plays West and does the voiceover, looks and sounds like a poor mans Jason Statham. He is a weak lead who rarely convinces. In fact the acting all round is woeful, not helped by the script. The voiceover isn't any exception to this either, in fact it is perhaps the most idiotic thing about this film. It breaks the fourth wall at a few intervals, at one point telling us that "as you can see it all got a bit silly by this point". This was referring to the on screen action about an hour in. The film has actually already become very silly so this was no great revelation. Shortly after this he says; "Look at this poorly written, badly acted bullshit", again referring to the events on screen. I have never seen a film that reviews itself so proficiently, if all films were as courteous as this the world wouldn't need critics! If that outburst isn't laughable enough he then goes rips into the audience, describing us as "deadbeat, midnight freak, geek-witted torture-porn gore whores". It's difficult to fathom just what the point is by this stage. Is this a comedy? Is he being ironic? Or does the film actually have a contempt for both itself and its audience?

I cant answer any of those questions. By the time the final reveal comes around, there are a few, the "geek-witted" among us have probably tuned out anyway. The Devil's Chair is an irritating film that may actually have something of an interesting concept, it's just not realised well at all. It thinks it's clever, in actuality it is far from it.
September 25, 2012
Excellent horror movie; this is what horror is all about.
½ September 2, 2012
I enjoyed the movie only after looking past the small mistakes. Especially the one scene in particular where he looks up at the blonde and says something about the chair. That never was explained otherwise its one of the only movies that seem to have the bad guys win type of approach.
July 18, 2012
Boring for the most part.. but the gory twist at the end makes it all worth it.
July 7, 2012
Satisfyingly psychotic!
May 30, 2012
The Devil's Chair is seriously a highly suspenceful Horror film that has a lot of psychological thriller elements mixed with it and it is also a really dark film with lots of twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the end. I seriously enjoyed watching this film and I did enjoy the plot as well and this is Director Adam Mason's best film that mainly beat his other Horror films because his other Horror films tries to be successful but they miserably failed. The plot of The Devil's Chair is about a man name Nick West who is locked in a mental institution due to suspicions about his girlfriend's death and a young doctor name Doctor Willard decides to go back to Blackwater Asylum with the help of Nick West on revealing the truth and when they enter the asylum and after one of Doctor Willard's students vanished in the mysterious chair that Nick West claims where his girlfriend vanished one of them must do something before Rachel dies. I seriously love this flick and it is such a good movie and this film is really appreciated for Horror fans. For the most part The Devil's Chair is a really good Horror film for Horror fans and they will seriously enjoy this film. What's great about The Devil's Chair is that the film is full of suspenceful, scary and creepy scenes and there are lots of suspenceful scenes that will make any Horror fan jump on they're seat and the film itself is really good and there are also a lot of creepy moments as well with the film that makes the viewer want to watch more. I really understand that Adam Mason and his writing partner Simon Boyes really went from a new direction and I have to admit now that the chair in the film is gruesome because the suspense starts when someone sits on the chair and gets sent straight to hell. Director Adam Mason does a good job with his work and I have to tell you this I never watched most of Adam Mason's and Simon Boyes' films I never watched Broken they're first film I only get to watch this movie although I'm really looking forward to watch Adam Mason's first film as well. I understand the style of these two and they went from a totally new direction and everything about The Devil's Chair is really special and worth to watch. The other great things about The Devil's Chair is that the film also has some great creature effects that mainly reminds me of Clive Barker and H.P. Lovecraft because the way the creature looks like reminds me a lot of Clive Barker and H.P. Lovecraft because those two also writes a lot of stories about monsters and creatures as well. What I also like about The Devil's Chair is that the film is also full of gore and blood effects and believe me when you watch this film the first fifteen minutes is full of blood loads and loads of blood which is incredible for the movie there are loads of gore and blood effects towards this film from start to finish and I did like the scene where Rachel gets send straight to hell when she sat on the chair and accidentally activates the controls of the chair and she gets tortured first where all the things from the chair goes inside of her arm and she goes straight to hell and I like that part so far. Plus the last part is really good because once you reached the ending of this film there's loads and loads of blood and gore in the last part of the film and you'll get to see some blood in the last part of the film in which most of the horror fans are going to keep watching over and over again. I also enjoyed the twists and turns of this film and it makes the movie look good. Now the acting is great the performances from the casts are really good so far and they did a good job with they're performances in the film so far. Director Adam Mason and his writing partner Simon Boyes did a good job with they're work in the film and I seriously enjoyed they're work with The Devil's Chair so far and they should keep making more good Horror films in the future because they're work with The Devil's Chair is absolutely fascinating and I'm also interested to watch they're previous film Broken once I find a copy of it. Overall The Devil's Chair gets a 10/10 because this film is really suspenceful, scary and creepy plus it is also full of blood and gore and there's loads and loads of blood and gore in this film.
½ February 14, 2012
This film was freaking awful but it wouldn't have been half as annoying without the stupid voice over inner-dialogue rubbish. Shut the eff up. Stop trying to sound like Jason Statham.
Super Reviewer
February 5, 2012
The Devil's Chair is one of those films that has a good concept for a film, unfortunately , the filmmakers don't know how to build up on the idea and ends up with a really bad film. This film sucks. The film seemed interesting, and I thought the film had an interesting idea for a film. Unfortunately, the film just didn't deliver. The Devil's Chair is an awful film that has a poor plot. I felt that that film was poorly made, and that director Adam Mason directed a film that is simply bland, tired and overall unimpressive. I hated the film, and thought it was a mess. There are many sequences that simply don't make sense, and frankly don't add anything of interest to the film. This film might have worked if the script would have been worked on a little bit harder. There was some interesting ideas for a film, but none seem to really work. The Devil's Chair was a bad horror flick with a poor cast, poor directing and a poorly constructed script. This was boring, and The Devil's Chair was simply a forgettable film not worth your time. I thought that the film was a missed opportunity to do something truly memorable. The film tried too hard to deliver on the gore with little emphasis on horror. Adam Mason is terrible director in the genre. This film just goes to show that he isn't capable of directing a film that has genuine terror or suspense. That's what this film lacks.
October 29, 2011
i give it a 4 because the idea was pretty unique compared to half the other movies people call "horror films" i like how the movie made fun of itself and all of these other piece of shit movies that come out the main message i got from this movie is dont bother spending your money on horror films the genre is dead
October 17, 2011
this movie was hard to follow but , really gave a twist at the end
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