Oct 13, 2008
Bond looks better than ever, partly because Sean Connery has returned to play him.
Apr 24, 2008
Connery has a ball with great stunts, snappy dialogue and a bevy of typically Bondish beauties.
Apr 24, 2008
Diamonds Are Forever doesn't carry the same quality or flair as its many predecessors.
Apr 24, 2008
Assorted ladies, a few quick lines, and one good chase, making for a mediocre entry in the series.
Jan 26, 2006
A wry and exhilarating bit of entertainment.
May 9, 2005
The movie's momentum is such that one never has much time to react to its lack of reason, only to its sensations of speed and narrow escape, and to the splendor of its crazy gadgets and dcor.
Oct 23, 2004
We see different movies for different reasons, and Diamonds Are Forever is great at doing the things we see a James Bond movie for.
Oct 1, 2003
This film is as over-the-top as they come.
Nov 14, 2002
Jul 25, 2001
Arguably the least memorable Bond film, it's still exhilarating fare and good to see Connery in the role one more time.
Jan 1, 2000
The ending, while high on pyrotechnics, is low on tension, bringing Connery's era to a rather dissatisfying conclusion.
Jan 1, 2000
It seems that the only legitimate attack that is made on Bond's character comes from his male enemies.