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November 14, 2015
First saw this almost 20 yrs ago. It's an entertaining film, and the first time i saw Heather Graham. The story is fun, and it has a great cast including Bruce Dern, Lou Gossett Jr., and Oliver Platt. Give it a watch!
September 25, 2015
So fun...people that over analyze this movie need to relax and go to movies for what they are...ENTERTAINMENT
April 6, 2015
The actors make this comedy work with heart and soul.
½ March 16, 2015
They call it a light-hearted sports comedy, yet one character is murdered in a manner that evokes a Deep South lynching. Though it's a major plot-point, it feels cheap in the way it is done...trivialized, so it won't spoil the lighthearted tone. A lot of talent is expended here-- for me, it is all a waste.
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February 9, 2015
Bruce Dern might actually be the best sleazebag boxing manager in any movie I've ever seen. I realize that that might not be a very long list, for me, since it's not like I watch boxing movies up the ass every day of my life. And it's also not like every one of these films has a sleazebag boxing promoter/manager. But the point still stands, Bruce Dern is absolutely excellent here. What I liked about the character is that he isn't played for comedy at all. He has a couple of funny lines and everything, but he is a man that will do just about anything to get his way. And I do mean anything as the movie does go to some surprisingly dark places when Dern's character feels that someone has disobeyed his orders or just knows too much about the illegal activities he's been up to that allowed him to take over most of the town. I wouldn't call this movie hilarious, by any means, and the laughs that were there were more like chuckles instead of belly laughs. That's fine, since the movie still works thanks to its villain and it's great to see him get his comeuppance after all the shit he's pulled on the people of Diggstown. There's some really heavy-handed moments, right out of sports cliches, that kinda hold the movie back. Like when Roy is getting beat up by Hagan and, in between rounds, Gabriel is telling Roy that he's gonna throw in the towel. It's done in the most over-the-top and hammy manner, with James Woods doing his best overacting. I'm not sure if it was done as a subversive parody of boxing film cliches, but it was a little laughable to me. And the film does take a while before it truly gets going. It's about 30 or so minutes before Roy even comes into the equation, so it was a little rough at first. It does get better, trust me, as you get to know more information about this town and how Gillon has fucked the town over by forcing them into debt and then foreclosing on their houses. It's certainly a movie that has more going on under the hood than you would normally expect. Not necessarily saying this is the most thoughtful and complex movie of all time, but it certainly stretches beyond the normal genre tropes. While the film did end at its high point, seeing Gillon get what's coming to him was immensely satisfying, I can only say that this movie is good. It was almost close to very good, with the way it was going, but the rough start and some silliness kept it from reaching that next level. But at the same time the film is really perfectly paced in some strange way. It didn't need to be any longer than it was. It was just the right amount of time that was needed to tell this story in an effective manner. I definitely recommend this as I think it's a considerably better movie than the rating would imply.
December 21, 2014
Showers aren't going to be the same without ya.
December 7, 2014
it's just fun to watch. you have to suspend disbelief for quite a bit of it. The casting is great down to the bit parts. the characters aren't quite as rich as I'd like then to be. but still just a fun movie to watch.
August 24, 2014
With an unusual, forgettable title and no A-list stars, "Diggstown" came and went with little fanfare during a summer filled with high profile films. It deserves a wider audience, as it's an underrated film with a couple of terrific performances and a winning story that builds to a truly cheer-worthy finale.

It was directed by Michael Ritchie, a great comedic filmmaker who specializes in sports comedies, and because of that, the boxing scenes are quite thrilling. I've long been a sucker for con pictures, and this is one of the better ones in recent memory. Star James Woods is at his snarky best here, a good guy with none of the usual good guy trappings, and it's a great swan song for veteran Lou Gossett, Jr. in one of his last big starring roles.

But a film like this doesn't work without a great villain, and it really is Bruce Dern that makes this all work so well. With those big teeth and shark-like grin, he truly is a bad guy you love to hate. He has some truly evil moments here that make the payoff even more satisfying, but the screenplay by Steven McKay always manages to keep things light and lively. It also provides a few surprises along the way and that terrific ending that you won't see coming, but there are a few subplots it could stand to lose. Heather Graham looks great, but she serves little purpose and is simply forgotten about after a while.

"Diggstown" is a crowd pleaser looking for a crowd. Those who stick it out and likely to greatly enjoy it.
August 22, 2014

Awesome cast. This is one of the those movies where you can't help but throw your fist in the air whilst rooting for "the good guys". Duck and weave.
July 23, 2014
It is an amiable con comedy.
½ July 22, 2014
Really fun movie with a cast clearly having a ball...
May 5, 2014
Extraordinarily fun story and an excellent cast.
May 2, 2014
Great movie with fantastic performances from both of the leads.
April 23, 2014
This one is just a good fun flick.
June 24, 2013
Caught it on Tv and It was a pretty funny con movie.
May 25, 2013
One of the greatest con movies ever made.
October 1, 2012
James woods and Louis Gossett jr. doing what they do best, hating each other. This is a really good overlooked con movie, think of con movies like Oceans 11 and such, it is not as good, but it is a must see if you like this type of movie. And if nothing else, you get to see a young Heather Graham, so that is worth a couple stars in itself.
½ September 6, 2012
This movie made me want to stand up and cheer!
September 3, 2012
Fine cast, not such a good film.
½ July 19, 2012
better than your average fight movie ending.
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