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June 5, 2016
Dil Maange More struggles in many parts but shines in it's fun and entertaining aspect, and luckily that alone saves the movie.
February 19, 2015
I am going to pass on this one.
½ August 13, 2009
Lovely film to watch, gave me my favourite quote too... The story was ok but feel they didn't build enough on one of the relationships and the ending was random. It seemed very much a SRK style film... a whistful romantic story... a little comedy, not deep on the emotion...
½ August 8, 2009
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nice movie
July 26, 2009
Day: Sunday
Date: 16 Jan 2005
Time: 1.00pm
With: Maa, Dad, Azeem
On: cable
July 9, 2009
haha this is high tech. Wonderful that he falls in love three times and the first ones name is NEHA :( I'm really loving my name more and more every day.
June 25, 2009
such a cute movie....it was predictable
May 17, 2009
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½ April 23, 2009
Good love story movie.
½ March 30, 2009
Shahid has a scope for improvement
½ March 27, 2009
Ohh poor Sahid. i just feel pity on him in this movie. but finally he got his best life partner
March 26, 2009
Pretty silly movie with a silly storyline and two very wooden actresses (Tulip & Soha), but the movie gets two stars for the great chemistry between Shahid & Ayesha.
½ March 12, 2009
a dil maange more...
March 9, 2009
its da gud n funny move!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*
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½ March 8, 2009
Great movie with an interesting story plot that follows young Nikhil. There are two things that Nikhil loves, and that is football (aka soccer) and Neha. As Neha realizes her dreams of being a flight attendant, Nikhil must come to terms that he isn't part of it. Nikhil meets Sara, and she's carefree except that she is already involved with someone else. And, finally there is Shagun, a neighbor. Shagun wants nothing to do with Nikhil, she is abrupt with him. Despite this, she is secretly harboring feelings for Nikhil and he soon realizes this. Great cast- Shahid Kapoor, Ayesha Takia, Soha Ali Khan, Tulip Joshi, and Zarina Wahab. Definitely worth seeing!
March 4, 2009
its da awesome movie..i juz love it
December 31, 2008
they love each other girl ...
December 15, 2008
no thanks not my thing
½ August 25, 2008
August 2, 2008
I haven't seen this movie but I love the song Yeh Dil
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