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Return to China (Ding tian li di) (Eagle Shadow Fist) (Fist of Anger) (Not Scared to Die) Reviews

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½ July 6, 2017
Fist of Anger est l'équivalent Hong Kong Kung Fu Pian du cousin inintéressant mais vraiment sympathique. Le film de Mu Chu est un film d'action franchement pas mal fichu mais particulièrement générique, où l'on retrouve Ching Wong et son sidekick Jackie Chan, allant taper des mauvais Japonais qui martyrisent de gentils mais faibles Chinois. Les bastons sont plutôt efficaces, mais lorsqu'elles s'effacent au profit d'une intrigue abrutissante, surtout dans le deuxième acte, Fist of Anger s'enfonce dans une torpeur soporifique. C'est dommage car on y trouve des légendes comme Qiu Yuen, gâchée par un scénario qui n cherche qu'à aller de la dernière baston à la prochaine. Fist of Anger est un film sympathique mais clairement pas nécessaire.
½ November 28, 2016
Okay early Jackie Chan vehicle when the studio was still trying to groom him as the next Bruce Lee, before his breakout performance in "Drunken Mater" which allowed him to show off his more comedic talents. Chan actually isn't even the main hero here, but he is a main character. In this film, like Lee's "The Chinese Connection," it's a Chinese versus Japanese story, which has Chan fighting on the side of the Chinese. It's not a terribly interesting story and Chan has to play it serious like Lee would have, instead of being allowed to be funny, but the fights scenes are okay and more "realistic" as they were in the Lee films, which is kind of a nice change of pace from flying guillotines and one armed swordsmen.
June 16, 2014
I own this on DVD in a five movie pack along with:
* Fantasy Misison Force (1984)
* Master With Cracked Fingers (1974)
* Fire Dragon (1986)
* The Young Tiger (1973)
June 21, 2013
Eagle Shadow Fist Is Your Typical 70's Kung Fu Flick, Has A Bad Story But Still Manages To Be Somewhat Entertaining With Some Good Fight Scenes. Set During The Japanese Occupation Of China (World War 2), The Film Focuses On The Struggle Between Chinese Rebels And The Japanese Army, Fans Who Are Used To Early Chinese Cinema May Be Sick Of This Very Familiar Storyline. Sadly This Often Used Backdrop Is The Main Storyline. Don't Watch This If Your Viewing It As A Jackie Chan Movie As It's Wrongly Sold As One. But Is Worth A View If you Like Chinese Cinema As All Your Clichés Feature.
½ November 5, 2011
There is no story at all. They just created some reason to make fighting scenes. Too long for this kind of film where is nothing more than martial arts. Chan got some fight scenes and that`s it.
November 5, 2011
Fighting scenes are like amateur, they start to fight again because of rent money and this movie is dull, long and boring. The sounds are idiotic and acting is horrible. That's it.
Super Reviewer
November 15, 2009
OK as far as routine 1970s kung fu flix go, but one star for promoting this as a Jackie Chan movie: he has a very minor role and gets killed 2/3rds the way through! That's a novelty I suppose. I soon learned after seeing this one to research his earlier film appearances before renting.

nothing memorable except when he kicks the bucket
½ June 28, 2009
This movie is terrible - bad acting, bad cut, bad scene, weird story... even my favourite Jackie Chan in a side role couldn't help it. It's just another Japan-vs-China-cliche movie and it's pretty bad.
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