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March 19, 2017
Not sure why people rated it badly.

It's a sad, moving movie. Has very good CGI, not perfect, but still good. Definitely NOT a kid's movie, however. I would watch it once before you show your kids.

Great movie! Would watch again many times!
January 14, 2017
W.T.F? Not enough NyQuil in the house to make this make sense.
December 1, 2016
As a person who is a big fan of dinosaur documentaries, I thought I would enjoy this film. Omg was I dissapointed. From just watching five minutes of this disgrace of a documentary, I could tell that there was little to no scientific research done on this film. The dinosaurs looked like blends of many different species, which is a poor choice when making a film about dinosaurs.
The style of the film was what made me most upset. With the lack of narration throughout most of the film, it looked sloppy and unfinished. It looked to me like they made a kids movie and forgot to put in the voices.
August 30, 2015
My 3yo watches this on Netflix daily but it's mostly quite bad if you are not a dinosaur obsessed toddler. The lack of narration is only a blessing because I have to sit through this so often. It's very frustrating not knowing which dinosaur you are watching and whether there is any science behind the scenario or if it's just fiction. Irritating.
½ June 2, 2015
I wouldve liked this movie better if it was more like a documentary. The few times the narrorator spoke were honestly really annoying because of his Shakespear style and comparing the events to a play. He dosent even say Dinosaur once. It would've been smart for then to explain more about dinosaurs because not everyone knows a Shunosaurus or a Majungasaurus when they see one. I love dinosaurs, but i got easily bored enough from watching this that when i watch it on netflix, its usually to help me fall asleep. Normally i would defend a dinosaur movie on account i even like Jurassic Park 3 unlike most people, but i dont plan to come to this movies rescue
March 17, 2015
This movie was painful to watch. From the beginning they tugged at our heart strings. Throughout the movie you traveled with different dinos, become emotionally attached to each one. And as you watched them struggle, even die, you nearly cried. On another note, the ending was bad ass as hell. Live on little bird dude. I rate this move 1000000/10
Super Reviewer
January 1, 2015
I don't watch the dinosaur shows on cable television, and I'm not educated enough to know whether or not current research supports these creature's depictions - like the T-Rex piling dung and other material on top of their eggs to create warmth via a compost heap - but this was a charming handful of vignettes about the only alien world the human race will likely know for a long time. The writers smartly created stories we could identify with, like one following an eccentric dinosaur whose fixation in the entertainment of moving objects (think of any dog ever) catches him in mortal danger, and another whose curiosity finds themselves drugged by mushrooms into a semi-incoherent state and in danger by two opportunistic predators. Then there are the themes and emotions in parenting, where among the few stories told, one begins with a winged reptilian mother teasing her three nest-bound young with a fish. She then swallows it whole to demonstrate that the free-ride is over and it's their time to fly and feed themselves. I won't say what happens next, but let's just say nature, by default, is not on any individual's side. "Dinotasia" handles the story of the dinosaurs as a dark comedy that reminds us of our own fragility and potential impermanence, relying on luck, fate, and instinct. I recommend checking it out while it's on Netflix streaming.
½ July 28, 2014
Amusing at times
Confusing at most others
½ April 6, 2014
Rather disappointing, and boring.
½ February 7, 2014
This film has very good animation and is like the silent way less torturous version of Walking with dinosaurs the 3-D movie, The only thing it lacks is education and narration, As a documentary it's not good, as a film, it's alright.
February 6, 2014
The mushroom scene is hilarious.
½ September 5, 2013
what is this? seriously
½ August 30, 2013
It's Walking with Dinosaurs with a personality and a sick sense of humor. Violent, disgusting, and probably a bit fantastic, but nor that far from the real world of dinosaurs. The computer animation is a bit flat, especially in full scenery, but it's great looking in some acts. The whole thing plays out nicely, and is filled with laughs and emotion.
½ June 27, 2013
A full-on disaster among dino documentaries, featuring creatures anthropomorphized to the degree of any Loony Tune, observed by Werner Herzog's hilariously disassociated commentary that could be about anything.
June 23, 2013
Me and my sister really liked it. It was entertaining and fun. Some parts were a little gory, but it was a nice movie and I'd recommend it to anyone.
May 27, 2013
This really starts out frustratingly disappointing. Is it a documentary, fiction, somewhere in between? I can usually get into Werner Herzog docs but this is just dumb. The CG is pretty bad and not convincing. "Jurassic Park" was lightyears ahead of these XBox 360-like cartoony dinos. There really isn't much meat to this poor project.
May 10, 2013
I want to like it, I mean Dinosaur on a mushroom trip is kinda cool, but I cant quite bring myself to appreciate this film in any way.
½ May 6, 2013
It's barely educational, Werner Herzog's vocal talents are criminally underutilized, the tone is inconsistent, the effects are hit-and-miss, and the whole thing is just a meandering, pointless waste of time.
April 18, 2013
I didn't find this too bad at all! As a dinosaur fan I was a bit disappointed with some of the inaccuracies ("cutting edge' is a bit of an exaggeration imo, except for the little feathered theropods which were portrayed brilliantly) but for short little clips it was quite entertaining - this is not meant to be some heart-rending drama with intricate plots and frills for the kids' amusement. I found much of it better than the BBC representation most people know of simply because it's not trying to appeal to the masses; you're not spoondfed as to what is happening and who the characters are. Another reviewer put it aptly when they said, "This decision to avoid treating the dinosaurs as surrogate people for easy identification is... the film's boldest move". Maybe you need to be a dinosaur nut to do so, but enjoy it for what it is - one group's representation and interpretation of non-avian dinosaur life.
½ April 17, 2013
Barely Even a Film

There is an episode of the TV show [i]Leverage[/i] wherein they are working in an office that is simultaneously the subject of a documentary. Peter Stomare plays "Gunter Hanzig," whom I spotted to be a fake Werner Herzog right away. I mean, it was incredibly obvious. However, it took Graham until the beginning narration of this to see it. Part of that, I admit, is that I've seen a heck of a lot more of Werner's documentaries than he has. He only sometimes pays attention when I'm watching them, and I've been known to watch them when he isn't home. I believe it's how I saw [i]Grizzly Man[/i], and I know it's how I saw [i]Encounters at the End of the World[/i]. Heck, I saw [i]Cave of Forgotten Dreams[/i] in the theatre without him. However, the fake-Werner's dialogue was more like the narration in this than it's like the narration of any real Werner Herzog documentary that I've seen, and I've seen a few.

Through the miracle of bad animation, filmmakers David Krentz and Erik Nelson take us back to the time of the dinosaurs. We see various species, each segment of which is accompanied by a brief declaration by Werner about how all life is fleeting or some such. Unlike in really Herzog documentaries, he never actually tells us anything helpful, such as the names of any of these species. There are brief title cards telling us where and when the segments take place, but I think we are either expected to already know the various species or else not care. Anyway, we watch them live and die--mostly die. As is generally the case with this sort of thing, we see few enough of the prey animals that we might suspect that there are a lot more predators than the ecosystem will support. These are never encounters between vast herds of prey facing a lone predator or a small pack; these are lone predators or small packs going up against at most a half-dozen prey, probably picking out the young, healthy ones at that.

As it happens, I was That Kid when I was little. I still have a couple of the books about dinosaurs that Mom gave me for Christmas when I was perhaps nine. (One is actually more a history of life on Earth, and though it's twenty-five years out of date, it's not bad.) This means that, while I may not know as much about dinosaurs as all the variants on That Kid who are nine right now, I'm still able to catch an error or two, and I'm bothered by the lack of explanation about practically everything. I would imagine the kids to whom this is most likely to appeal will feel the same way, and they won't even have the advantage of knowing who Werner Herzog is. They will, for example, spot the obvious fact that they basically just filmed current locations and stuck animated dinosaurs over them, a thing that bothered me about the Disney [i]Dinosaur[/i] as well. I mean, there's grass all the way through, and not nearly enough ferns, either.

On the other hand, nine-year-olds who are just interested in watching dinosaurs eat each other should do just fine. There's an awful lot of gore to this for no good purpose. It quickly becomes apparent that this should not be seen as an educational program. In part because of the paucity of the narration, we don't learn very much about how these dinosaurs lived. I mean, there are implications, and we do see dinosaurs nesting, but there is a lot more in the way of battling. Even the scene that's in theory about the asteroid that took the dinosaurs out (and at least it does show us that they evolved into birds!) includes dinosaurs going after one another. At great length and for no good reason. The moments shortly thereafter that are doubtless supposed to be heartwarming are merely laughable, and I found the rest of it boring enough that I probably missed bits that weren't actually various fluids spraying across the screen. I just paid enough attention to listen to Werner, really.

And, yeah, the animation is pretty lousy. There's a bit early on where there's a giant red blotch on the Moon that I assume is supposed to be foreshadowing for the giant red blotch that will take over the Earth and destroy most of the dinosaurs, but I'm pretty sure that's a serious anachronism. I'm pretty sure all those giant craters were formed long before there was multicellular life on Earth. So, yeah. It's not terribly good, and it's not terribly accurate, and it's not terribly informative. This is a bad combination all the way around, which makes it a crying shame that they went through the expense of getting Werner. I assume it wasn't much effort, given that Erik Nelson is a regular producer for Werner's films. However, they might as well have gotten him to write some narration while he was at it. Even if he just quoted from the [i]Popul Vuh[/i] some more, it couldn't have been worse than what they wrote for him. Or, come to think about it, much more out of left field.
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