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The Dirty Dozen Quotes

  • Joseph Wladislaw: I wish I could read this. I think it's dirty.

  • Maj. Reisman: Any questions?
    Archer Maggott: Suh? Do we have to eat with niggahs? [Jefferson jumps Maggot]
    Sgt. Bowren: [as Reisman exits the room] : What's going on, sir?
    Maj. Reisman: Oh, the gentleman from the South had a question about the dining arrangements. He and his comrades are discussing place settings now.

  • Maj. Reisman: Any questions?

  • Maj. Reisman: You know what to do, feed the French and shoot the Germans!

  • Archer Maggott: It's judgment day, sinners! Come out, come out wherever you are!

  • Vernon Pinkley: Very pretty, General. Very pretty. But, can they fight?

  • Victor Franko: Hey! What's the matter with you? You think I'm going to die? Ha! If you think that then you don't know Victor Franko.

  • Maj. Reisman: You've seen a general inspecting troops before haven't you? Just walk slow, act dumb and look stupid!

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