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October 24, 2015
I have seen This on TV Back in 1979.
June 3, 2012
TV MOVIE. The original version of Tony Scott's awful Unstoppable. This version is actually better in every regard. ABC 10/28/1979
May 29, 2011
suspense, but otherwise fails... no disaster...
½ March 5, 2011
This made-for-TV cheesefest features a bunch of mid-level character actors doing their mid-level best with the usual disaster plot points. It's fun if completely forgettable. Shatner is great as a conman and Lloyd Bridges is bugnuts playing the Luddite Secret Serviceman.
February 4, 2011
Who cares about its dopey story? This is a surprising TV disaster movie. It boasts a terrific cast, impressive stunt photography, & excellent visual effects, especially on Shatner's hairpiece. Even his stunt double overacts!
Super Reviewer
½ January 2, 2011
TV made suspense movie isn't really very good but if you're a fan of disaster movies or spoofs thereof this is one to see. It's hard to take too seriously since Lloyd Bridges' dialogue here really is a foreshadowing of his role in Airplane! As for the rest it's all pretty standard.
½ December 2, 2010
An obvious made-for-tv 70s disaster flick involving not one, but two runaway trains and a cast of lowrent character actors like Lloyd Bridges, William Shatner, Pat Hingle, Raymond Burr, and Lane Smith. It's goofy and rather stupid, but those involved give their all and you can't help but enjoy Bridges' computer hate or Shatner's heroic rooftop plight or the yardmen's chain gang bravado. If yer in the mood for disaster than this will get the job done. VF.
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