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Disaster Zone: Volcano in New York Reviews

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January 26, 2009
Another B-Movie disaster film from the SciFi channel for me to waste my life to. God bless movies at 10.....or not. I wanted to give this a better rating than the latest National Treasure Movie but couldn't. Its aweful even by TV movie standards.
September 25, 2008
close call, but i'm going to have to say no
July 26, 2008
I hate this movie even if i did NOT see it at all!!!!!!This movie is nothing but gruesome s***!!!!This movie is suppossed to be disaster!!!!The part in the begging sucked,this guy intestints come off his stomach so gross!!!!!This is the worst movie ever!!!!!!
July 18, 2008
I did not see all of this stupid piece of junk!!!!!And the director what is up him?!Then this guy's intestints come out gross!!!!!What is wrong with the stupid writers and the producers and the rest of the crew?!I say this stupid movie sucked worst than Nature Unleashed:Earthquake.
March 13, 2008
what a stupid movie! what a low quality!
½ March 1, 2008
The really big problem with this movie is not the clichés or the bad acting, but the HORRIBLE camera work!
The camera is all over the place - up, down, left, right, shaking, zooming, zoom in, zoom out...
And this dosen't last for a little while - it lasts through-out the WHOLE movie!
I was honestly feeling very motion sick while I watched this.
Also the camera work made the acting even worse, because it was hard to focus on who was who because the camera could show the characters 10-15 meters away and from the side.
As for the movie itself - very unrealistic and it wasn't a very good movie overall. Volcano is better thanks to it's better camera work and effects.
There aren't many effects in this movie, on the cover (and the title) you get the idea that a volcano is in a city, but it's actually some lava trapped in some kind of pipe that randomly gets blown out of the pipe burning the bad guys.
November 2, 2006
I don't know why I keep renting these awful disaster flicks. I suppose in a way, I think they are funny. This one is worse than usual, the special effects are very poor, the acting rather lame. Way too much talk, not enough disaster. Awful.
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