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August 2, 2015
Disconnect suffers from some dull moments but still manages to work thanks to some great performances, most notably from Jason Bateman.
July 28, 2015
An obvious emotionally moving picture that succeeds without trying to hard thanks to great sincere acting that feels real. It's obviously overemotional with the situations the characters are put in place. And the people act accordingly. Which surprisingly isn't common amongst Hollywood movies. So that combined with fine acting lead to the stories having enough traction to garner my belief and nonjudgmental attention throughout. Because I believed in most everything. One of my favorite things was that it ended with closure but not satisfyingly for all involved. Going along the theme of realness which in theory is very easy but I hardly see
July 19, 2015
I'd like to get two hours of my life and $18 back. Horrible movie. Three plots that never connect. Lousy parents and neglected children. If anyone doesn't know that things like this happen on the internet, they must be on ex-planet Pluto.
½ July 14, 2015
Not sure how I missed this movie, but damn it's good. Along with "Men/Women/Children" this film totally captures how adults and children function in the tech. heavy society and the consequences they face. Not an uplifter of a story, but honestly shows harsh truths we should all take notice of.
½ May 11, 2015
Decent sit down movie if you are unable to find anything to watch. The story will reel you in easily but ends up being a let down in the end due to the stories not coming full circles, leaving you with questions. The acting was on point and was nice to see Jason Bateman not doing a comedy. As far as cinematography, it could be better. Some shots are bright while some are very dark.
May 10, 2015
Although some of the stories aren't as gripping as the main one, the performances really draw you in (especially Jason Bateman). The music also really matched the tone of the movie.
April 21, 2015
Easily one of my top 5 favorite flicks along with Paranoid Park. It's moving, it's draining, and delivers the cold hard facts. Top-tier stuff.
½ April 12, 2015
Interesting take on 3 stories relating to one major problem of online communication in today's society. Varying cast of Jason Bateman, Hope Davis, Paula Patton and Alexander Skarsgĺrd lead the way of cyberbullying, online prostitution and identity theft.
½ April 9, 2015
In different hands Disconnect could've felt like a lifetime television movie but with a smart and mature script, fantastic performances from its ensemble, and unique direction, Disconnect rises above some of it's melodramatic elements and stands out as THE film to watch about the effects and paranoia of the media today and should be shown in high schools all around!
April 4, 2015
I quite enjoyed this movie which is based around 3 separate stories which are all connected by people using the internet to harm others. The first story is about a internet adult-only site which gets exposed by a journalist who gets one of the boys in danger. The other story is about a couple whose identity gets stolen through the man's online gambling habit and the woman's who chats to the man via a chatroom. The final story is about a boy who tells his in depth secrets to a girl online but the girl turns out to be a couple of cyber-bullies from his school and after exchanging graphic photos, the bullies decide to send the boys photo to people around his college, which puts him to shame and causes emotional trauma. I quite liked the different storylines which were put together quite well by the director. The different situations, don't exactly join together but it's a great insight into what can happen when your careless with your personal information on the Internet. Its very easy to get into any of these different situations because we all use the internet from time to time, so this is a great insight about how easy it is to become a victim from hackers and cyber-bullies. The people who abuse the web are usually 2 steps ahead from the law so it's hard to pin point who is doing what. It was scary when they said that the criminals could use the webcam to see there victims which is a whole different side to what they can do. Anyway, I enjoyed the film and I'm surprised that it wasn't bigger than what it was. Enjoyable!

All of the actors played there roles extremely well, especially Jason Bateman who had some emotional scenes after the incident with his son. Because the movie is based around 3 different stories, there is enough material to keep the movie interesting and I liked the part when all of the storylines came to a climax. Its hard to work out how to police these different circumstances because it's so easy for the hackers to get our information so there should be helpful ways, put into place, to help us to protect our web browsing experience. The adult only sites have been a problem for decades and it still is a problem in this day and age, which is surprising because of the advance computer software that is available on the market but the criminals always seem to find a way around the law. Although this movie didn't really blown up at the box office, I personally found it entertaining and a wake call for people who browse without thinking about who can see or use your information.

Budget: $10million
Worldwide Gross: $3.4million

I recommend this movie to people who are into their drama/thrillers which is about 3 different stories which are all based on people using the internet to steal information and post abusive comments which can cause emotional harm. 6/10
March 30, 2015
interesting and touching movie
March 22, 2015
A very modern thriller. As canadian, it hits home because one adolescent girl did suicide after cyberbullying. The victim here is a boy. The part where he is led to suicide is the least believable because, you know, kids are certainly smarter than this. This part is bare bone and just the hook for what is to come. Which is, anything can happen from there. Three stories are developped in parallel and a bit entertwined related to internet use and abuses. Each one has a dangerous tengent. The tension slowly creeps up to the triple finale. Like three big pimples that we let grow to better spurt them and soil our mirror, we watch them grow. We can't wait to see them resolve and know if they will spurt blood and leave some scars. We expect blood. We expect a mess. And we get it and it is not quite what we expected. But stillmaybe not too far from reality. The director is a documentarian and filmed this way, the actor giving close to cinéma vérité renditions. It reminds me Taxi driver but not with an excessive New-York ending. I would qualify it a family-man ending.
½ March 16, 2015
The first non documentary picture from director Rubin is a measured look at contemporary issues involving the pervasive impact of technology. In much the same vein as 'Crash' used interwoven stories to explore race Rubin utilises an ensemble cast to assuredly present his view.
½ March 9, 2015
Personally, I was waiting for something related to the internet's dark spots to come into play in a movie in modern society and my wish came true! Disconnect had a semi-good and semi-bad ending to it but in reality, sometimes that is just how it is! Jonah Bobo is a great actor! Same with the rest of cast but Jonah Bobo moments were top! Wonderful emotional personality! Very intense uproar thru the movie!

My only flaw would probably be that story felt a little lacking in drama and some scenes felt unrealistic like the police officer finding out about how his son was cyper-bullying young Ben. You would probably think that his son would turn off the window on Facebook before leaving the room. The father finding out about it thru "recent history" would have been a more educated direction to go.
March 9, 2015
This was a great little film with various strands of people lives connected by technolgy. Some great acting from a cast against type Bateman + Skaasgaard. Riseboroghs story was slightly odd but overall It was sad and uplifting and well worth a watch
March 1, 2015
this movie was actually really good, but there was just one character i really didnt like out of all the people the film focused on while it was intertwining on different people and showing the audience what was happening. but i like all the other casting no problem. i thought Men Women & Children was alot like this movie, its almost the same movie, except with different actors as slightly different characters, but i dont want to get into that movie, but i actually thought that was good, but not as good as this, but if you have seen men women and children you will probably like this. but Disconnect was a fantastic rollercoaster of emotions for every character in the film. the acting was pheonominal especially from jason bateman and frank grillo, the writing was really smart, the cinemetography was nice, the screenplay was decent, the idea of watching peoples problems getting worse and 1 or more familys problems getting mixed into one an others life felt recycled, like i have seen this idea before, but no one has made a movie like this, so good. so good that i viewed it 3 times in 5 days. so give it a watch.
½ February 24, 2015
Provocative film that tells different stories and connects them through the main character of the internet. Smart and well-thought out.
February 19, 2015
Very powerful movie. Great cast. Jason Bateman was great in this very dark movie. All around a really good movie.
February 14, 2015
Excellent drama exploring telecommunication and human connection in the 21st century.
February 9, 2015
Amazing! Very intelligent formulation with unexpeted-expected twists. It is quite long but it does not feel like. Our heroes all suxeed at the end: Probably even the "sleeping boy"?
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