Sep 2, 2020
The simple truth is that much of Bears feels cartoonish and far too light.
Aug 14, 2014
I'm not suggesting that every nature film narrator should sound like David Attenborough, but John C. Reilly really seems an odd choice.
Apr 18, 2014
You gotta give paying audiences -- especially strapped family audiences -- more than this.(Full Content Review for Parents also Available)
Apr 17, 2014
The "nature" aspects of Bears are undercut by the need to turn this into a live-action Disney cartoon, complete with cuddly heroes and nasty villains.
Apr 17, 2014
If you want to teach your kid about bears, there's probably a better PBS program you can find somewhere.
Apr 17, 2014
There's only so much editing can do to make a bear story seem like a human one, and the filmmakers (Alastair Fothergill and Keith Scholey directed) also go to unfortunate lengths to give human characteristics like laziness to the bears.