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Disturbia Quotes

  • Ronnie: [breaking into a car] This is a lot harder than it looks on the Internet.

  • Ronnie: [filming Kale and Ashley kissing] Soon to be the most popular video on YouTube.

  • Kale Brecht: Do you think he sees us?
    Daniel Brecht: No, he can't see us. But trust me, he can feel us watching.

  • Ronnie: Dude you havta see this I got like my whole great escape on video!

  • Ashley: Where are the coffee and doughnuts? You can't have a stakeout without coffee and doughnuts.

  • Kale Brecht: I'm having a kid. Your little boy's growing up, I got a girl pregnant, now I gotta go visit her. She lives in Reno, I don't know how I'm gonna get there. Probably have to take Mom's car. But, we're gonna live together. We're gonna live in the trailer park. Her name's Shirley, she's real great.

  • Ashley: [to Ronnie and Kale] What took you so long?
    Kale Brecht: We were upstairs playing.
    Ronnie: Video games!

  • Ronnie: Man, I was in your closet for like two weeks. I gotta take a piss.

  • Ronnie: [after knocking over camera] Do you think anyone heard that?
    Kale Brecht: Yeah, my deaf aunt in Omaha heard it.

  • Ronnie: Operation Stupid is officially over!

  • Ronnie: It reeks in here!
    Kale Brecht: What's it smell like?
    Ronnie: The corpse of a rotting hottie.

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