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½ May 24, 2008
Pretty odd film here about Aviation Medicine. The whole film centers around a doctor (played by Errol Flynn) developing some way of dive bombing in an aircraft without the pilot passing out. Flynn does have a foil in a pilot played by Fred MacMurrray, but really, WHO was this film made for? Sure it's patriotic enough (and man, if I ever see a plane formation again) and it has it's moments of action, but really.. AVIATION SCINECE? I don't think so.
April 14, 2008
Amazing aviation cinematography for its time! It was rather hilarious to see Errol Flynn not interested in women (for a change). Fred MacMurray gave a nice performance as the rugged counterpart to Flynn's more sensitive niche.
March 27, 2008
You don't want to see this one.
February 7, 2008
I was impressed- as someone in the medical research field, this is ACTUALLY how they would have gone about the situation in the 40s! Good one.
Super Reviewer
August 20, 2007
Vintage Errol Flynn with great supporting performances from MacMurray and Smith.
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