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July 23, 2010
I was fortunate enough to catch a screening of Divine Souls while I attended the 2007 AFI Dallas International Film Festival. I believe the screening was the World Premiere for the movie and it had the film's writer & director James McDonald and the star of the movie, Nanch Chartier on hand after the screening for some Q & A.

Mr. McDonald said in the Q & A that he shot the movie for about $5,000. It doesn't show. What did show, was an eclectic cast and some terrific performances. The film takes place at an AIDS clinic and instead of concentrating on the AIDS patients themselves, like so many other movies have done, it revolves around the nurses who look after them and how they live their lives, choosing to come to work every day and deal with heartbreak and anger on a daily basis.

A good friend of mine used to work as a caregiver at an AIDS clinic and she got up after the film and congratulated Mr. McDonald on the movie and said his portrayal of nurses and the hopes and anguish they go through working in a facility like this, was exactly what she had experienced.

I tried to rent Divine Souls on Netflix but it says it's not available yet. If you want to see a truly independent and inspiring movie, go to Netflix and save this movie to your Queue and when it becomes available you won't be disappointed.
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