Jun 28, 2009
DJ Spooky's 'Rebirth of a Nation' is an admirable fusion film in its own right.
Jun 26, 2009
Despite its verbose flaws, the work is a succinct sampling of performance-art-meets-multimedia. When the film is left to its own devices and giddied-up by the scratching and booming base there's genuine verve jumping off the screen.
Jun 22, 2009
Birth of a Nation itself is a set of cinematic training wheels.
Jun 22, 2009
Jun 20, 2009
Can Spooky's version of Gone with the Wind be far behind, edited so that Rhett Butler and the rest of the Rebels get exactly what they deserve?
Jun 17, 2009
Mix [it] up, Mr. DJ; don't just sample the hate wholesale.