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½ June 30, 2010
With the success of Django in 1966, a slew of unofficial sequels filled the cinemas through the next decade. With upwards of over 30 unofficial sequels all the titles tend to blend together after a while but if you're willing to dig through the films there is one that tends to stand-out above the rest, and that film is Django, Kill! What also makes Django, Kill different than the rest of the pack is that it wasn't originally made to mimic or sequelize Django. It actually doesn't feel like a rip-off at all! It was originally made as If You Live, Shoot! but was re-titled to ride the coat tails of Django. Our character Django (played by Tomas Milian) also doesn't mimic Franco Nero's character from the original at all. Instead of a lone gunmen Civil War vet, Django this time is a bumbling Mexican half-breed. If you can't tell your better off ignoring the title and going into this surprisingly good Spaghetti Western with a fresh mind set.
Our film opens with a group of Mexican half-breeds who are gunned down by their employers after they strike gold. After the gunmen leave, our Mexican Django miraculously remains alive and crawls out of his sandy grave. Wanting revenge he heads back to town to reek his revenge with a pistol full of golden bullets!

What I love about this film is the surreal feel to it, a definite freshness in the spaghetti western genre. Tomas Milian almost seems to be a ghostly spectre out for revenge. I also dug the extreme violence making this perhaps the most violent Italian western I have ever seen (the Spanish film Cut Throats Nine doesn't count!).There is a bloody scalping but my favorite part is a sequence with a doctor digging bullets out of a dying victim of Django. When the doctor digs the first bullet out and reveals to the patient's gang that it's made out of gold, the gang shockingly all start digging into his open wounds for the gold bullets! It's not surprising the guy dies a painful death! There is another unintentionally funny scene when Milian straps some explosives to a horse and runs the horse into his old employer's ranch. After the horse explodes and director Giulio Questi decided to show pieces of the horse littered throughout the site. I found that extremely funny in a macabre sense.

Tomas Milan is again great as our lead. Is there a film this guy sucks in? Our head villain however has gay overtones but the filmmakers tend to lay it on a little too thick. He's constantly talking about how all his men look so cute in their little uniforms. Ok, i get it, he's gay! This also dates the film a bit as this was made back in the day when "gay was bad" so this in turn made the villain more "evil."

For my money Django, Kill is the best unofficial sequel to Django and is far better than that films one official sequel Django Strikes Again. Still one must go into this not thinking it's a sequel to Django and view it as a fresh new film. It's got a great surreal atmosphere, extreme violence, and a likable lead. It's almost everything a spaghetti western fan is looking for, minus a truly despicable evil villain.
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June 27, 2010
A truly psychedelic trip into the spaghetti western. While this isn't a flawless movie, it's got a very unique sense about it. The violence is completely ridiculous, including a man being ripped apart for gold bullets inside his stomach. The editing is bizarre though, there will be long scenes that mean absolutely nothing and then it'll also have these amazing hyperspeed flashbacks. Tomas Milian is unstoppable as always, even shooting him into a ditch in the desert won't kill him. This is a fun and interesting movie, not perfect, but certainly entertaining and worthwhile.
June 24, 2010
The best of the Django sequels! Great flick....very bizarre and surreal and Tomas Miian is always great to see on screen!
½ March 22, 2010
one of my favorite spaghetti westerns! a mixture of weird stuff with political allegory and bizarre violence!
Here we have a unknown man coming to a town(a cliche in the western genre) where everything is out of place, w┤ve got fat guys spiting on children, golden bullets stuck inside a man┤s body. indians being graphilyc scalped, and a crazy torture scene with a bat and a lizard, this movie talks about greed, amorality and the army of mussolini(the 20 cowboys dressed in black)......great stuf!!!
½ December 9, 2009
I wanna be a muchacho!
August 10, 2009
I love spaghetti westerns ! As crazy as this one is it has a spot in
my top 10 favs ! This movie goes over the top and explodes
with fireworks and a grand "TADAH ! " It's ultraviolent, strange,
silly and just plain FUN!!
July 26, 2009
If You Live Shoot! is the proper title here. Django Kill was the title given when the film was distributed overseas, as were alot of Spaghetti Westerns at the time to cash in on the Django name.
If You Live Shoot! is a classic Italian Western. It has the nihilistic tone of all Spaghetti Westerns yet its also one of the most depraved of the bunch that ive seen. Its a very violent sadistic film filled with disembowellings, scalping, hangings, molten gold coverings and a gay sex hungry squad of Muchachos! This film is fucking odd to say the least. A very young Thomas Milian stars with an even younger Ray Lovelock. Two of my favorite genre actors. This was way better than i expected it to be.
½ April 14, 2009
Shockingly Surreal? A Masterpiece of the Gothic Western? Evidently I was was screening something else. The Midnight Movies gave birth to El Topo or rather El Topo gave birth to the Midnight Movie. If you consider the Questi and Jodorowsky aesthetically connected, you'd be shocked after screening this baby. I'm not quite sure how I feel about this one. I like it for it's un Django like style yet it's very much a Django spaghetti. Tomas Milian's antihero is resurrected by 'a bunch of Indjans' - appalling casting btw, which somehow connects to a plot that transcends into one of the seven deadly sins, yes Greed. Greed for Gold that is, in this two bit shit ghost town - The Unhappy Place, you truly realize, life is quite pathetic for a bandit. Existential motifs aside, hallucinatory desires obviously dictated this script. I sorta tried to like the 'baddies' but they seemed to be so mind numbingly boring, that you couldn't help but root for Milian. Not violent enough, blood was worse than what I used for my first short. If you thought El Topo wasn't quite a masterpiece, I beg you to watch this and go back and check out El Topo to realize how this can in no way measure up. How then can I say this is a worthy western? Well it has the classic archetypal plot, the Django mood, Italians playing Mexicans, strangers doing strange things all in the name of gold. Not 'revenga' enough, I wanted to see Django own everyone but it didn't quite work that way. The Bertha Rochester style subplot, adds some sort of a redeeming quality to the overall backstory and gives it a significant progression. I love the music, and that is largely why I've given it a higher rating. Silly villains, Sweet protagonist. Not enough symbolism, not enough colour, appalling script, but enjoyable enough to watch, largely down to Milian's wanderer, appearing to be nothing more than a man who is pretty lost in a town that is even more disconnected than he is. How this is Gothic is beyond me?
½ April 11, 2009
First of all, this film has nothing to do with Sergio Corbuci's DJANGO; it is not a sequel and Franco Nero is nowhere to be seen. This film is actually titled IF YOU LIVE, SHOOT! (it probably sounds better in Italian) but was marketed as a Django film (there were 100s of unofficial sequels to DJANGO). This is a bizare and sureal western, even by the standards of the spaghetti western. It was too violent to be an art film but director Giulio Questi seemed to be very interested in allegories and filling the film up with political overtones. Through all this, Tomas Miian, the Cuban-born actor who became a very popular leading man in 1960s Italian cinema wanders around in a zen-like quest for vengeance on the man who betrayed him. Questi was trying to do more with the spaghetti western genre and failed (Leone would succeed) but he did manage to direct one very weird and interesting picture.
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March 30, 2009
It's no Leone, but a great Spaghetti western non the less
½ February 13, 2009
Somehow manages to live up to its mondo reputation, and be even better than you imagined.
February 7, 2009
While this movie isn't the horrible, sick, depraved spaghetti western it's been talked up to be, I imagine back in 1967 it was pretty shocking. Featuring a gang of homosexual mariachi bandits, brutal scalping, masochism, and a dude being ripped apart by greedy folks trying to dig the gold bullets out of his body, it's no wonder a lot of the movie's more dubious sequences didn't get past the censors back then. The storyline follows a man who gets double-crossed by some gringos after stealing some gold and is left for dead, only to climb his way out of the grave to seek vengeance with the help of some mysterious indians who seek the secrets of the afterlife. Unfortunately for him, the denizens of a psychotic town known as "The Unhappy Place" have beaten him to the punch, murdering the bandits and stealing their gold, leaving him caught in a money-hungry struggle between two corrupt officials guessed it, a gang of homosexual mariachi bandits. This is a truly bizarre film, making it a unique film in the genre, one that fans should certainly seek out.
½ February 4, 2009 last i found it here and at home! This is 'Se sei vivo spara' or better known as Oro Hondo. Yes it's a spaghetti-gore movie and director's cut dvd has the full lenght of 117 minutes. (don't know if Usa dvd it's same, sorry).
I enjoyed two memorable scenes: last american outlaws has been badly injured from our hero (mex outlaw T.Milian) . Milian had a gun with gold bullets and delivered a little trasure on the body of that villain...(haha great). What do you think to do when you find a virtually dead man with a body full of golden bullets?? Try to save him? a Doc started the operation but the bunch of mex 'ghouls' aroud they see the gold and they begin to dismember that body by naked hands ..hahaha! ! Movie it's a ferocious fight to have the gold. You'll see Sadistic murders and a gang of Pervert Rapists (a young R.Lovelock is the victim) too...Beware of the fire, folks: the gold it changes as a warm, liquid metal! Don't open the door of a furniture, you should take a shower of gold on your head...
i recommend full uncensored version. This movie has been censored and blocked in '67 and withdrawn from distribution until '75. A damn movie.
December 1, 2008
Where to start?? This film is certainly not a patch on the original Django. The original is superb is very nearly as good as the Clint Eastwood Spaghetti's and the acting from Nero is equally good. You cannot say that about this film. Tomás Milian does a reasonable acting job, but he is not in the same class as Nero or Eastwood and does not look the part of Django. The film was not the easiest to follow either. It had many flashbacks and subplots throughout. There have been a number of better unofficial Django films such as Don't Wait, Django... Shoot! in which Sean Todd (Ivan Rassimov) shows as a far more authentic Django similar to that of Nero. Anyway, I'll leave you to make up your own minds. Long live the Spaghetti Western!
October 8, 2008
A great unofficial entry to the Django name. Fun, violent, funny, and wrong. There's rarely been a cooler spaghetti western than this. A half breed with a handfull of golden bullets and hopes of revenge in a town run by the corrupt. This movie breathes badass, check it out it's really worth it.
August 31, 2008
One of my prefered spaghetti western. Very special, but also very great.
July 31, 2008
'I'm uglier than you!' Screams a small child as the final credits roll, but in reality nothing is uglier than 'Django Kill,' at least not as far as spaghetti westerns go, anyway. By some distance the most depraved, bizarre and morally perplexing western I have ever seen, not least because of its absence of empathy, compassion and good old fashioned kindness. In essence, it presents a world whose inhabitants are already burning in hell, and whose only Idol is gold. Brilliant stuff.
½ May 15, 2008
Hurray, 300 ratings entries.

Screw MST3K. Honestly.

Rapes, murders, demons and John Cassavetes. Good ending too.

Delirious starts really funny and than becomes mind-numbingly boring when Eddie Murphy starts yapping about his family.

Unrest is by [i]far[/i] the best Afterdark Horrorfest film I've seen which isn't saying much.

I hope to God that Django, Kill isn't indicative of the quality of the original and of Takashi Miike's remake because otherwise... ouch.
May 1, 2008
It opens with a hand rising out of a grave. Two Native Americans discover the man, take care of him, and melt the gold he had into bullets to shoot those who betrayed him. He heads to the town his treacherous friends have wandered to (called "The Unhappy Place" by the local tribes) and discovers that the cruel townspeople have brutally killed most of his ex-partners already. So he begins playing the townspeople against each other, and against Mr. Sorrow, a rich landowner who commands an army of black-shirted, homosexual cowboys...

This is the most original and the strangest western story I have ever seen. The editing is fantastic, the directing is good, and the actors are perfect for their roles. The music bears some semblance to the traditional twang of spaghetti-western guitar, but it is complimented with organs and jarring minor chords. The whole thing begins to resemble an old horror story from the 1800s more than a western. The result is a very, very good movie.

There were two problems I had with the movie, though. One character disappears without any explanation, and there is a very cheesily done torture scene involving what are supposed to be vampire bats, but what looks to be nature documentary footage of fruit bats in the wild. Both of these things occur near the end of the film, and make the latter half less satisfying than the first half, but all in all, it's still a very good film and one worth seeing.
April 8, 2008
I came across this via the Alex Cox "Moviedrome" season on BBC 2 many moons ago. Allegedly it is the most violent and depraved western ever made. In several respects it's actually better than the original Django itself.
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