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March 30, 2009
love love LOVE DNAngel
½ March 27, 2009
Personaly, I'm a fan of the original manga. The story is just so amazing! But in my opinion...this anime really messes it up. No offence to the director, Nobuyoshi Habara, of course. (I've enjoyed your other works!) But Sugisaki-sama is my all time favorate manga-ka. In fact, she's the main reason I want to become one when I grow up. I'll even be studdying abroad! So if ANYONE decides to make an anime based off of one of her works, it really should be PERFECT. But I guess if I wasn't so mad about the story-line changes... the anime wouldn't be THAT bad...Maybe I should ease up on you guys a little.. I'm sorry... ^_^'
½ October 5, 2008
Though it was an okay show, it was pretty cliche.
I loved Daisuke... he was absolutely adorable. Dark was pretty smexyfine too o.o
August 29, 2008
an awsome series about a boy that turns into a famous art thief named Dark when he has feels of romance for the girl he likes.
½ July 29, 2008
Awesome Anime About A Boy Who Has Another, A Dark Angel Named Dark, Dark Has To Settle Things With The White Angel
July 28, 2008
This was cute and it was nice to be able to watch one of these series with my kids.
July 26, 2008
this is a great romance anime series perfect action for the uys and sweet romance for the girls this is a great anime ive seen yet
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