Do Knot Disturb Reviews

April 18, 2019
Back when Govinda and David Dhawan were in their prime, even something as hackneyed as this would have had us rolling on the floor. But knot anymore.
October 3, 2009
A silly, contrived and often nauseating comedy with mildly engaging, visual stylish musical numbers. It often drags while the desperate attempts at humor fall flat on their face.
October 2, 2009
Instead of casting the picture with two former Miss Universes, the filmmakers would have done well to punch-up a script and attend to the chintzy musical composition.
October 2, 2009
A Bollywood sex farce with almost no sex, and comedy pitched so low you're more likely to groan than giggle.
October 1, 2009
David Dhawan's big-budget sitcom is a major, slumdogging step in the right direction, with nosebleed-inducing production values, infectious musical sequences and some astoundingly beautiful actors.