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Do the Right Thing Quotes

  • Da Mayor: [after last night's riot] Hope the block is still standing.
    Mother Sister: We're still standing.

  • Mother Sister: Good morning.
    Da Mayor: Is it a good morning?
    Mother Sister: Yes, indeed. You almost got yourself killed last night.

  • Mister Senor Love Daddy: YO! HOLD UP! Time out! TIME OUT! Y'all take a chill! Ya need to cool that shit out! And that's the double truth, Ruth!

  • Sonny: It's cheap, I got a good price for you, Mayor Koch, "How I'm doing," chocolate-egg-cream-drinking, bagel-and-lox, B'nai B'rith Jew asshole!

  • Officer Long: You Goya bean-eating, fifteen in a car, thirty in an apartment, pointed shoes, red-wearing, Menudo, mire-mire Puerto Rican cocksucker. Yeah, you!

  • Stevie: You little slanty-eyed, me-no-speaky-American, own-every-fruit-and-vegetable-stand-in-New-York, bullshit, Reverend Sun Myung Moon, Summer Olympics '88, Korean kick-boxing son of a bitch!

  • Pino: You gold-teeth-gold-chain-wearin', fried-chicken-and-biscuit-eatin', monkey, ape, baboon, big thigh, fast-runnin', high-jumpin', spear-chuckin', three-hundred-sixty-degree-basketball-dunkin' titsun spade Moulan Yan. Take your fuckin' pizza-pizza and go the fuck back to Africa.

  • Mookie: Dago, wop, guinea, garlic-breath, pizza-slingin', spaghetti-bendin', Vic Damone, Perry Como, Luciano Pavarotti, Sole Mio, nonsingin' motherfucker.

  • Pino: [describing the neighborhood] I detest this place like a sickness.

  • Radio Raheem: [while playing "Fight the Power" loudly in Sal's pizzeria] Two slices.
    Radio Raheem: [while playing 'Fight the Power' loudly in Sal's pizzeria] Two slices.
    Sal: NO service till you turn that shit off!
    Radio Raheem: [insistent] Two slices.
    Pino: Turn it off!

  • Mother Sister: Mother Sister's always watching!

  • Da Mayor: Always Do The Right Thing.
    Da Mayor: Always do the right thing.

  • Radio Raheem: The Story Of Life Is This: Static, One Hand Is Always Fighting The Other Hand, And The Left Hand Is Kicking Much A**.
    Radio Raheem: The story of life is this: static. One hand is always fighting the other hand, and the left hand is kicking much ass.

  • Radio Raheem: Let Me Tell You The Story Of Right Hand-Left Hand, It's A Tale Of Good And Evil, Hate: It Was With This Hand That Cain Iced His Brother, Love: These Five Fingers, They Go Straight To The Soul Of Man, The Right Hand: The Hand Of Love.
    Radio Raheem: Let me tell you the story of Right Hand, Left Hand. It's a tale of good and evil. Hate: it was with this hand that Cane iced his brother. Love: these five fingers, they go straight to the soul of man. The right hand: the hand of love.

  • Radio Raheem: And put some extra moozarella on that mofucker.

  • Buggin Out: Sal! We gonna boycott your fat pasta ass!

  • Ahmad: What? I ain't boycotting jack you string cheese head mother fucker! I'm about to go get a slice right now!

  • Mookie: Pino, fuck you, fuck your fuckin' pizza, and fuck Frank Sinatra.
    Pino: Yeah? Well fuck you, too, and fuck Michael Jackson.

  • Buggin Out: Yo, Mookie.
    Mookie: What?
    Buggin Out: Stay Black.

  • Da Mayor: Always do the right thing.
    Mookie: That's it?
    Da Mayor: That's it.
    Mookie: I got it, I'm gone.

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