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½ May 12, 2017
September 2010: Terrance Hill. Had to see it. Glimpses of his old work but rather boring.
July 18, 2014
late model spaghetti western
March 29, 2013
It's the Trinity formula- a spaghetti western made in the 21st century. Unlike the older movies, Terrence Hill isn't dubbed over- you actually hear his heavily accented delivery. The movie is slow, but still witty and fun provided you don't want a deadly serious drama. There are definitely worse ways to spend an evening.
Super Reviewer
½ May 11, 2011
Not what I consider a Spaghetti Western, but not just a western either. Ageing Terence Hill tries to pretty much follow the role that he played in the Trinity Western series, but with little success. Little did I know his English was so bad, and most of the other actors acted like they read there lines from Q cards. But once you start watching it, its hard to turn off. Still only 2 1/2 stars for this one.
March 6, 2011
Terence Hill & Western
½ February 22, 2011
Average rating because I used to like Terence Hill. Actually, Sorvino is the one to watch here. The story is oldfashioned and follows Hill's style, but he is getting a bit too old himself for this kind of stuff. The spark just isn't there anymore.
February 7, 2011
An absolutely dreadful film no one should ever have to sit through this like i did, SKIP IT!!!
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