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Where to start with Doctor S. I might add that I traveled from the my sanctuary in Minnesota out to this strange place called San Francisco just to see Doctor S. First off it is one of, if not the best, the greatest movies in the zombie super-camp genre. I seem to be the only person on Rotten-Tomatoes who knows about this movie which obviously makes me special. To start off with possibly the best plot ever conceived in the brain of a human. The reds over there in Russia devise the evilest of evil plans. They are going to create a drug that is so sinister that it turns you into a sex-crazed zombie. Well they did, and it's called marijuana. There is either an inner dun dun DUN moment going on in your mind or you saw this coming due to the title. In any case Doctor S must stop this evil so he does some scientific experiment that gives him super powers and then goes to save some town from the evil sex-crazed reefer zombie virus. Let me just say this is the most off the wall ideas for a movie, yet Bryan Ortiz, the director and writer, doesn't take it too far. That said let's talk about the details. First off is the atmosphere, because this is obviously a horror movie... I think. I've got to give it to them it is very well done. Just to say it is done in Black and white and shot mostly at night time and it is pretty eerie. Maybe not perfectly done, but for what budget they had, which I assume was pretty small seeing as the movie was in black and white, they do a very well job. Next up is the action, which there is surprisingly a lot of. Doctor S, the main character, kicks the ass of every zombie he sees, and then belts out some of the funniest one-liners I have ever heard. There are some very creative ways for him to kill the zombies and some of the gore effects remind me a lot of the original Evil Dead's gore effects. Next up is the acting/characters, probably the best part about this movie. I really want to think that Planet Terror had the best cheesy serious acting, but Doctor S Battles The Sex Crazed Reefer Zombies: The Movie takes the cake. Doctor S, as the main character, is just so perfect and he acts so ridiculous to the point where he is actually on par with Bruce Campbell in Army of Darkness. He has the voice down, he has the one-liners down and he has the mannerisms down. I want to say this is the best character acting I have seen in a very very long time. Other than Doctor S there is Mary Jane who is played by two actress's, or at least the same actress, but changes her hair color or something. In any case she plays a very stereotypical girl who wants to see her family and grows attached to main character. Her performance is very good also, but nowhere near the level of skill that Rick Carrillo put into Doctor S. The last main-ish character is named Billy Everybody and he is a sex-crazed reefer zombie. He is the first to engage in the act of lighting a joint and becoming a sex crazed reefer zombie, and he does this after having sex with Mary Jane. So obviously the first thing he would say after becoming a sex crazed reefer zombie is, "Still want to touch it?". The last thing in which I must address when it comes to this movie is the humor. It is everywhere. In almost every action and usually every line they are either parodying the 50's or making some kind of hilarious joke. 90% of the time I was watching this movie I was laughing my ass off. That should give you an estimate to whether or not you can consider this a funny movie. And if you are still not convinced my friend and his mom saw this movie with me and they laughed as much and probably more than I did. To go into more detail the lines are great the sort of slapstick humor is great, the gross-out humor is great. Pretty much every funny moment in this movie is fucking funny and there are not many movies like that. To finish this off, Doctor S Battles The Sex Crazed Reefer Zombies: The Movie is a very rare breed of movie. Much like a more modern Army Of Darkness, it has a distinct brand of super-camp humor mixed with over the top awesome, super-hero in a way, action. This is probably my favorite movie of the 2000's, so far, and I definitely recommend it to anyone who is a big fan of the super-camp genre.

Alec Dmowski
Alec Dmowski

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