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August 18, 2016
Don't get me wrong--Dan Ackroyd made some decent comedies, after his fine work as one of the best of the promising new comedic talent during the early years of Saturday Night Live. Unfortunately this lame excuse for a comedy is not one of them.
June 30, 2015
Doctor Detroit is what you'd define as good 80's fun. Nothing awfully special, but good, harmless fun with Dan Akroyd balancing a life between a college professor and a up-and-coming crime boss. I'm not sure what else to say, if you like Dan Akroyd's comedy and like 80's comedies, you're sure to like this. I enjoyed it.
April 11, 2015
I never thought I'd say it but just too much zannieness.
April 2, 2015
As one critic said "It was better at 12 yrs old, to be quite honest.", still like it for its most valued line in the movie, "Get down with your Bad Hopkido, self, Skridlow!"
February 23, 2015
Four beautiful women and the comedy of Dan Ackroyd. What isn't to like? Unfortunately quite a bit... Falls far short.
November 24, 2014
A forgotten Dan Ackroyd comedy and for good reason. It's really bad - not even saved by a James Brown cameo performing a really bad version of 'Get Up Offa That Thing'
July 28, 2014

"Nothing can destroy the doctor!"-Clifford "Doctor Detroit" Skridlow (Dan Akroyd)

Nothing except the Dr.
½ May 20, 2014
Silly but very funny..One of those Quintessential 80's movies
May 6, 2014
My Favorite Comedy Film Is 1933's Duck Soup.
March 19, 2014
A ridiculous premise in the most satisfying way! Academia, prostitution and junk yard brawls? So wrong but so right! Also, so many great one liners and wonderfully filthy jokes actually originated from this film, ie. The Player's Ball.
December 9, 2013
One of the worst comedy films from Dan Aykroyd - I don't know what were Carl Gottilen Rpnert Npros, Bruce Jay Friedman thinking. A complete disastrous movie.
½ December 6, 2013
Dan Aykroyd is a college professor at a local college in Chicago when a pimp sees him speedwalking one morning. He is in trouble with a local crime boss called Mom, he needs someone to stand up for him while he flees. So he drugs Aykroyd and tells him to be Doctor Detroit, a fictional pimp from Detroit Smooth Walker made up by seeing posters of Mom's wall. So Doctor has to try and scare off Mom and there's also a subplot about the college going bankrupt which is conveniently resolved at the end too. Not much else happens in this one. Could have been better, didn't really do much to make this film memorable except the appearance of the Doctor.
October 29, 2013
Its not bad but not all that good either, cool idea but could've been funnier.
½ May 22, 2013
I thought this movie sucked!!
May 20, 2013
This movie was outstanding. Not just because Dan Aykroyd is in it, but also Fran Drescher and a fabulous cameo by James Brown. I wonder why it isn't on TV?
½ May 19, 2013
This film didn't age very well; then again ..I don't think it was ever any good.
½ December 10, 2012
I kind of love this movie. Sure, it's not perfect, but it's very enjoyable. Although both times I watched it it was 1A.M. and I was deathly tired.
½ December 9, 2012
Wanna see a movie that has a dance number completely comprised of Pimps and Hookers? Watch this movie.
December 1, 2012
Doctor Detroit ressemble a n'importe quelle autre comedie coquine des 80's, le sens du comique en moins. La realisation de Michael Pressman (pourtant pas manchot d'habitude) detruit methodiquement tout sens du rythme et le film ne'est reellement interessant que pour ses numeros d'acteurs, Dan Ackroyd et Fran Drescher en tete.
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