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½ November 18, 2012
Somewhere in the middle of "Axos" is the last gasp of season 7 - arguably the best ever season of the show - as we shift from an intellectual sci-fi adventure series to something entirely more flash-bang-wallop. Jon Pertwee is at his most irascible here, and Roger Delgado may get his finest material as the Master, but they and the fantastic 1970s design of the Axos bio-ship are just about the only things holding it up after the halfway point.
½ May 4, 2011
A really creepy alien menace shows up in the south of England looking for a snack. The usual crew from this era look into things, as an annoying and blustery Government official keeps sticking his nose in things. Unfortunately, the Master shows up too. I'll admit, The Master is one popular villain I don't much care for. He's a little too Saturday morning cartoon cornbal for my tastes. But, the story is pretty cool and the explody tentacle alien monsters are completely disgusting.
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