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½ June 12, 2011
A historical Doctor Who story with a new Time Lord menace in the shape of Kate O' Mara makes for an entertaining romp between Colin Baker's Doctor, Anthony Ainley's Master, and Kate's Mistress Rani. The story is thought out, and scenery for a mid 80's Doctor Who is well received due to the amount of beautiful location work. Coupled with the generally beautiful music and intriguing secondary characters this makes for a very good Doctor Who story.
½ April 27, 2011
A nice looking period piece with an interesting enough story. I also quite liked having the master AND then Rani both playing off of each other.
½ February 7, 2011
The introduction of Kate O'Mara as a renegade Timelord called The Rani is a fairly interesting one - a Timelord obsessed with experimenting on what she sees as lesser species (such as humans) was supposed to be a contender for the Master, and as long-running. However, the series is in such dire-straights by this point as to make even a story involving both this potentially interesting character plus the Master himself fall flat and feel tiresome. The Doctor continues to be arrogant and as irritating as hell (certainly not someone you could imagine kids wanting to emulate). Peri has her heart in the right place and is a good actress, but has the emotional backbone of a wet cabbage. Anthony Ainley continues to play Delgado's sinister creation as a pantomime baddy, and Kate O'Mara, whilst injecting some life into her character, isn't too far behind him.

There are some effective ideas, and I thought the Rani's plan to remove the chemical that allows sleep, therefore turning humans into violent creatures that could be manipulated, showed promise that could've been further explored. But unlike the recent series, the 45 minute run-time of episodes in season 22 just stretch how watchable the stories are. It seems the series has run out of the energy and is posessing a distinct lack of any real desire to make classic television by this point.
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