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April 29, 2009
In the end it just felt like we were being told one long joke but were never given the punchline.
July 22, 2006
The biggest laughs come from a cameo, which is never a good sign.
May 26, 2006
Can somebody please stop Ben Stiller?
July 5, 2005
June 25, 2005
Anyone expecting to find something deep and meaningful in DODGEBALL: A TRUE UNDERDOG STORY should look somewhere else.
March 5, 2005
I had a good time with this goofy mess of a movie, but I saw it for free.
December 6, 2004
For every good punchline, there are fifteen that sound like they were scraped off the walls of mens' room stalls.
August 13, 2004
In this goofball sportsfilm spoof there is something for everyone to laugh at - but a few too many cringeworthy own-goals.
August 10, 2004
None of the character of, say, a Will Ferrell movie, or the cyncial wit of Harold and Kumar.
August 8, 2004
The movie dodges laughs as rapidly as it panders for them.
July 19, 2004
It helps to have energetic and gifted actors, but you really need to give them funnier things to do and say.
July 3, 2004
Zoolander fans will love every minute of this movie. The rest of us can wait until it comes out on video.
June 23, 2004
Let the grudgy, gross-out, and basically banal competition begin.
June 22, 2004
I have to hand it to a comedy that works this hard at being mediocre.
June 22, 2004
This crazed sports spoof is silly, stupid and only intermittently funny. I'd advise waiting for the video.
June 21, 2004
The best Ben Stiller movie in months, but when all is said and done is that saying anything?
June 21, 2004
This is a spoof of sport movies with a misfit dodgeball team taking on the meanest team anywhere.
June 20, 2004
Is it great cinema? Of course not.
June 19, 2004
A crude comedy that aims low and hits its mark.
June 18, 2004
More a concept than a movie, and the concept just isn't as clever as the filmmakers think.
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