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December 12, 2016
A bunch of folks live in a communal house in Melbourne during the "Little Bands" music scene in 1978. Not easy to say much about this film other than the soundtrack is great due to the film largely being an exercise in chaos. It's literally two hours of dozens of people all talking and yelling at the same time. It's somewhat amazing that it isn't terrible. It's not exactly good ... but it's not terrible. It ends with a tragedy that has very little impact because none of these people are actual characters. Michael Hutchence headlines as a sub-verbal singer for the house band. The soundtrack features Iggy Pop, Brian Eno, Gang of Four, The Birthday Party and a host of Aussie post-punk bands from this scene.
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February 4, 2014
Somehow managed to never see this before, thought it was time I checked it out.
Story (and I use that word lightly) is about a group of young people living in a share house (maybe I mean squat, since no one actually pays rent).
It just flows along until a tragedy at the end. No huge story to it.
I wouldn't say it is fantastic, but I can see why those who grew up with it would love it.
Never really liked Michael hutchence or inxs, so that wasn't a factor for me.
December 8, 2013
Recognizable scene, but nothing much happens and the annoying Hutchence just can't keep that hair out of his face even though he keeps trying while he forgets to act.
December 2, 2013
Its an amazing movie, love love love it !!
And Michael Hutchence was perfect in it, just gotta go to Melbourne to visit the house
December 8, 2012
Love it! not just because of Michael Hutchence's sexy Sam performance but the grungy authenticity and fantastic soundtrack. There is so much going on in every scene that viewing after viewing you still see something extra each time. While it may be light on plot, the slice-of-life feel makes up for this. Release dvd has hours of interesting extras.
December 3, 2012
Captures a snapshot loosely based on real people and real stories of people in Australian of almost every political/musical counter-cultural stereotype circa 1970s forever. A tribute to the povo typical young chaotic Australian sharehouse to this day too (in my experiences!)

Creepy the way Michael Hutchence's life with Paula seemed to mirror this movie. Him at his enigmatic beautiful best for sure. Shame he didn't do any more acting. You see a part of him in this film and the extras on the DVD you'd never have imagined just from looking at INXS.
September 26, 2012
An Aussie cult classic I was told to watch. I think you had to be there. It's like documentary film making at its most literal - there's plenty of interest, & a lot that's mundane too, but it doesn't have an involving story to hold it together. That's fine for genuine documentary, but a bit of a failing in a movie. Worth seeing if you were growing up in those days, or if you want a bit of background, but otherwise unremarkable.
May 10, 2012
This movie pulls you in and doesn't let you go 'til the end! My all time fav!!
January 18, 2012
Richard knows his onions!!
January 3, 2012
Are you from planet poofter, or planet stupider?
December 11, 2011
reminds me of a house I used to live in
December 9, 2011
They joys of living in a drug fuel shared terrace in Melbourne !! All caught on film. Lived it loved it
½ September 24, 2010
Australian 1980's suburban gritty romantic

Michael hutchence is perfect.

Classic (this is not sci-fi)
August 22, 2010
Amazing sound track - this film captures the zeitgeist of the times - but disappoints in that its ostensible anti drug message actually glorifies death by heroin overdose. The clumsy device of the innocent "school girl" wandering around for no other apparent reason gets really irriating - but still a great film
½ August 9, 2010
Before trainspotting and humantraffic there was this fantastic punk rock masterpiece starring micheal hutchence. Exellent soundtrack to.
July 2, 2010
this movie helped make me strange/sane. and happy for it.
½ March 8, 2010
Interesting time piece examining Melbourne's punk scene in the late 70s. At first I thought Hutchence was under-acting while chewing the scenery, acting almost feral like a dog... it wasn't until I watched the wealth of extras that I realised his performance was spot on AND was based on a real-life Sam.

The 90 minute documentary "We're Living on Dog Food" is also really interesting, giving some excellent background on the punk scene of the time, as well as some behind the scenes stuff for the film.

While it was hard to watch at times, it is quite a fascinating film.
½ October 1, 2009
wasn't good at all realy nothing happens in the story line right up till the end when some one dies
½ September 11, 2009
They say if you remember Woodstock you weren't actually there. Well, if you weren't in a band and on the dole you didn't witness the 80's, anyway this Aussie slice-of-life captures the attitude, atmosphere and odours very well in the fact we were self-obsessed, shallow "Countdown" watching bastards! Get the new 2-disc edition with the metal, powdercoated case with the excellent documentary "We're Living on Dogfood".....DVD Gold!!
½ August 19, 2009
random austalian films late at night are usually a good bet (see afraid to dance) and this one is no exception. Theere's a wonderful pilgrimage to a late night garage for munchies and Nique Needles does a great job in a great morning after the night before sequence.
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