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Dogville Quotes

  • Grace: I want to make this world a little better.

  • Tom Edison: Maybe people just regard things a criminal because they envy their success.

  • Tom Edison: It's quite a blow to me to see all my friends act this way--so uncivilized.

  • Liz Henson: Honestly, Tom, you've done it again. Made us come here to listen to a lot of nonsense. Who do you think you are? Some kind of philosopher?
    Tom Edison: Observant, that's what I am.
    Ma Ginger: Lazy, I would say.

  • Narrator: Grace paused. And while she did, the clouds scattered and let the moonlight through and Dogville underwent another of those little changes of light. It was if the light, previously so merciful and faint, finally refused to cover up for the town any longer.

  • Grace: You can't stand that I remind you of what it was you came here to find.

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