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May 28, 2004
Fascinating for a while but, in the end, just sleep-inducing.
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April 9, 2004
Dogville can be defended and even praised on pure ideological grounds, but most moviegoers, even those who are sophisticated and have open minds, are going to find it a very dry and unsatisfactory slog through conceits masquerading as ideas.
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March 29, 2004
[A] bold experiment with an effective, bare-bones visual style and strong acting, but it's far too long, far too pretentious and far too sloppy, cheap and obvious in its anti-American bias.
May 2, 2007
After about an hour, the novelty wears off, and you're aching to see an actual animal and real shrubs. After two hours, you feel disappointed when you realize that this wouldn't even make a good play. After three hours, it's downright infuriating.
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April 17, 2004
Its problem is that while its concepts are interesting, its content is only marginally so... Too subdued and stagy, the dialogue stilted and unreal, the performances mannered.
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March 26, 2004
The story's length, lack of sets, music, or a focused story combine to make one of the most excruciatingly dull cinematic experiences I can remember.
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March 25, 2004
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April 29, 2009
[Director] Trier attempts to pass this off as art, when really it's just ridiculous.
January 26, 2006
Ambitious, intriguing but fatally self-important ...
April 2, 2004
... an experimental film that went as badly as one of my high school chemistry labs.
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March 16, 2004
...engages us on [a] gut level, and asks us to shut off our minds in the meanwhile.
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March 24, 2004
Lars von Trier's peculiar compulsion to humiliate his heroines has finally crescendoed to a deafening din of indiscriminate, exasperating martyrdom.
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March 25, 2004
In his strenuous effort to avoid cinematic artifice of any kind, Von Trier has engaged in a different kind of artifice-intellectual artifice.
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April 15, 2004
[von Trier's] contempt for humanity is becoming harder to hide with stylistic flourish. He doesn't even try here, and his arrogance is topped only by his misanthropy.
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May 17, 2004
It just turns out as an intellectualized meal of hatred and violence and half-baked ideas.
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March 26, 2004
This isn't cynicism. It's nihilism. And its brilliant, infuriating display here proves again that Von Trier -- exciting, maddening Von Trier -- may be finding unusual new ways to say things just as he's running out of things to say.
April 7, 2004
It's a brilliant idea, for about 10 minutes. Then the bare set is elbowed out of a viewer's mind by the threadbare plot and characterizations.
April 8, 2004
Life is too short for three hours of misanthropy and misogyny.
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October 1, 2003
...[an] overlong running time (three hours!) and inexplicably odd behavior among characters does the film in.
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February 28, 2004
Don't waste your money on this one.
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