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Super Reviewer
June 24, 2014
Perry's voice is like being surrounded by a warm sweater and Carmen Miranda is fun as always but this is a second rate musical.
May 21, 2012
Not my type of Movie!!
August 20, 2011
Not my type of Movie!!
½ May 26, 2011
Burly Q on Broadway.
Super Reviewer
½ October 18, 2010
A stripper named Doll Face thinks her memoirs should be on the best seller's list? No wonder this wasn't a good movie.
October 8, 2007
Rather ordinary mid 1940's musical, written bt Gypsy Rose Lee. It has a lively cast and some peppy musical numbers, short and sweet story. Fun and entertaining.
June 26, 2007
I'm pretending that this is the Doll Face i directed. and i'm giving it 5 stars.
March 1, 2007
Actually sounds sappy, but I like the Dig ya Later number.
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